Students of the month of March 2017 Activity

The students will be recognized on:
Wednesday, March 29th, 2017
Time: 8:30 AM
Washburn Community Center

Parents can take pictures and bring a present to their child.
Students of the Month of  March 2017




Amanda N. Avilés Miranda


Jia Qi Lin Zeng

1st Grade

Johanily Rodríguez Morales

2nd Grade

                   Victoria Negrón Brenes

3rd Grade

Pablo A. De Jesús Jiménez

4th Grade

Jayden Colón Colón

5th Grade

Aimee Vega

6th Grade

Joseph Rodríguez Soto

7th Grade

Jorge M. Muñoz Descartes

8th Grade

Althea Vázquez McGann

9th Grade

Yadzía Velázquez Guadalupe

10th Grade

Armando Hernández Legrand

11th Grade

                                                  Natalie Pacheco Colón

12th Grade

                                                                Tanseem Rasheed