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At Washburn School we believe that students in middle school (7th and 8th) are exceptionally capable of enormous social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

Our middle school program provides a stimulating academic curriculum and appropriate structures for support. We strive to provide the perfect combination which enables students to develop good study habits, intellectual curiosity, responsibility for self and others, and leadership skills.

Students learn critical thinking and communication skills across the curriculum, in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages (English, Spanish, French, Sign Language), and leadership courses.

The core curriculum is complemented by visual arts, computer skills, physical education, and a complete electives curriculum that allows students to explore topics of interest and advanced studies. Experiential learning is at the core of our middle school teaching philosophy, and extends beyond the classroom for special events, such as the trips to complement our Science courses.

Our middle school program emphasizes learning that is rigorous and relevant, preparing students exceptionally well for high school and beyond.

Washburn Middle School News

We invite parents and visitors to our new Middle School facilities designed in a unique style hallway pass view similar to schools in the United States. Washburn is truly committed to expanding its facilities every year and keep up with innovating educational challenges. Our new building will have accommodations for 8+ classrooms and a science laboratory, library, study hall or indoor re creational area to meet the needs of our valued middle school students.

As part of Washburn's Science curriculum, our students participated in an educational program hosted by the Marine Sciences Department, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Mayaguez at Isla Magueyes, Lajas. The students were lectured on ecosystems associated with coral reefs and mangles. The students traveled in three boats to Isla Magueyes, along with their Science teacher. The students were also taken to a coral reefs 3 miles off-shore and the coral-reef lecture took place on top of a coral reef. The students later dived and came into close contact with the living organisms that inhabits the reef.

The second part of the educational field trip took the students to a remote mangle inlet, also off the coast of Lajas. There a marine biologist from the Universidad de Puerto Rico lectured on the relevance of the mangle to the coral reef ecosystem.