Washburn School Athletic Awards


We started by selecting Washburn’s athletes of the year by level :


Washburn School Elementary Athlete of the Year: Allan Martell Segarra

Washburn School Middle School Athlete of The Year: Alejandra Alvarez Toledo


Washburn School High School Athlete of the Year : Ethan Roldan Figueroa

Washburn School then celebrated and recognized our 2019 Mini Basketball Team that finished their season undefeated in the LAEC league and won two championships and one sub championship in the four tournaments they participated in. Washburn made a banner that will hang on the road #14 in Coto Laurel, Puerto Rico and then in Washburn’s court area. The votes were tied for the elementary school basketball team where Joen E. Rivera Morales and Jayden J. Colon were selected Most Valuable Players of the 2019 undefeated team.


We would also like to recognize MVP by sport.

Washburn’s Elementary Basketball MVP : Joen E. Rivera Morales
Washburn’s Elementary Basketball MVP : Jayden J. Colón


Washburn’s Senior Basketball MVP: Ethan Roldan Figueroa

Washburn’s Senior Softball MVP : Adrián Felipe Colón Avilés

Washburn’s Top Track and Field Athlete : Alejandra Alvarez Toledo

Washburn’s Top Track and Field Athlete : Christian A. Martell Segarra


Washburn’s Futsal Most Valuable Player : Jorge Muñoz Descartes


Washburn’s Soccer Most Valuable Player (Boys) : Dariel Fernando Rivera Ruperto
Washburn’s Soccer Most Valuable Player (Girls): Karielys A. Ruperto

*WILLIAM CONDE GONZALEZ AWARD - The award goes to the student that participated in the most amount of different sports while maintaining a good academic standing great communication, school pride and loyalty, great work ethic, respect for coach, teammates, opponents and officials, fair play, sportsmanship and balancing academic and sporting life)**

**DR. LOPEZ-CEPERO ATHLETIC AWARD - In recognition of Dr. Lopez-Cepero who was a baseball at the college level with Washburn University, but also a leading researcher and educator at all the academic levels including the doctoral level. The award goes to the Student-athlete with highest GPA, who demonstrated leadership, sportsmanship, work ethic, honesty, positive attitude on and off the court/field, and who participated in three or more sports, led team to sub/championship or received regional individual awards in athletics.


Washburn School Volunteer of the Year : Jose Saez



Washburn School's Senior Basketball Team - Sub-champions of Local Tournament



Washburn School Achievements in Southern, Puerto Rico -

Washburn School participated in the following sports:
1. Volleyball
2. Basketball
3. Futsal / Soccer
4. Softball
5. Cross Country
6. Track and Field


1. 52% of Washburn School students eligible for participation (3rd grade – 12th grade) represented our school in official sports activities outside of school.

2. Washburn School participated in every sport the LAEC League has to offer:
- Volleyball
- Basketball
- Futsal / Soccer
- Softball
- Cross Country and Track and Field

3. LAEC Division 2 Senior Boys Basketball Playoffs (Semifinals)

4. Sub-Champions in Colegio Ponceño Division 2 Senior Boys Basketball Tournament

5. LAEC Mini Boys Basketball Undefeated Season

6. Champions in Colegio La Milagrosa Mini Boys Basketball Tournament

7. Champions in Colegio San Antonio de Guayama Mini Boys Basketball Tournament

8. Sub-Champions in Academia Santa María “Unidos Por Caleb” Mini Boys Basketball Tournament

9. LAEC Junior Boys Futsal Playoffs (Quarter Finals)

10. Juvenile Girls Cross Country 1st place

11. Juvenile Girls 600m 1st place

12. Juvenile Boys 100m 1st place

13. Various winners in Elementary School Justas LAEC.

14. Many students and parents are motivated looking forward for next year’s sports seasons.



Alejandra Alvarez (8th grade)
• Cross Country LAEC (Juvenile Champion)
• Track and Field LAEC (600m Juvenile Champion)

Christian Martell (8th grade)
• Track and Field (Juvenile 100m Champion)

Jayden Colón (6th grade)• P.R. Little Lads Basketball Champion
• Team Barea (Basketball)
• Team Leader Washburn Basketball

Allan Martell (6th grade)
• Track and Field LAEC (1st place Mini 80m and 100m)

Yeremy Lopez (6th grade)

• Track and Field LAEC (1st place Mini 100m)

Sebastián Negrón (4th grade)

• Track and Field LAEC (1st place Infant 60m)

Gadriel Reyes (5th grade)
• Track and Field (1st place Mini Baseball Throw)

4x100m Relay Mini Team 2nd place (Justas LAEC)
• Allan Martell (6th grade)
• Yeremy López (6th grade)
• Sebastián Rivas (5th grade)
• Pablo De Jesús (5th grade)

Senior Boys Basketball Team
• Colegio Ponceño Basketball Division 2 Sub-Champions

Mini Basketball Team
• Undefeated in LAEC Basketball League
• Colegio La Milagrosa Basketball Tournament Champions
• Colegio San Antonio Basketball Tournament Champions
• Academia Santa María “Unidos Por Caleb” Basketball Tournament Sub-Champion


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