Students of the Month of October Activity

Thursday, October 31st, 2019
At 8:30 AM


Congratulations to the Washburn School October 2019 students of the month! Washburn's value of the month that our teachers have been working with in all grades is HONESTY.

We congratulate the students that were selected and that have demonstrated that they are striving for excellence at Washburn đŸŠ… . 

We have a criterion for evaluating students that includes voting from all staff and faculty members in a rubric that includes Washburn's goals, observations of their academic work, classroom behavior, alignment with Washburn's values in and outside the classroom, and their positive impact to our overall community. The teachers who vote and nominate fill out the rubric anonymously through a point system that is added up. We will be celebrating their accomplishment on Thursday at 8:30 am. Parents or guardians are welcome to witness the recognition.


Students of the Month- October



1st GLO                       YANIRIS A. APONTE RODRÍGUEZ

1st KAT                       LIA V. CRUZ PIAZZA

2nd                               KAMILA N. VALLE TORRES

3rd                               JESUS RENTAS SALDAÑA

4th                                ANDREA AVILÉS MIRANDA

5th                                ALEX MORENO SOTOMAYOR

6th                                GABRIEL HERNÁNDEZ BORGES

7th                                GABRIEL GONZÁLEZ DELFINO

8th                                 ----------- VACANT -------------

9th                                FADEL MOHAMMAD SAID

10th                              LARA CARABALLO RIVERA

                                     YERAL RODRÍGUEZ LÓPEZ

11th                              NIZAR MUNTHER KHATIB

12th                              ABDIEL LAFONTAINE ESCALERA







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