Washburn School Celebrates 2023 Teacher and Student of the Year: Angel Rivera Torres and Alejandra Alvarez Toledo Who Will Be Honored at The Private School Educational Congress in San Juan, PR

Washburn School is proud to announce its 2023 Teacher and Student of the Year: Mr. Angel Rivera Torres and Alejandra Alvarez Toledo, respectively.

Mr. Rivera is a highly valued middle and high school teacher who teaches College Writing, French, and Health electives to select grades. He is well-respected by both students and colleagues for his passion for education and his commitment to inspiring his students. He has our students writing like authors, reciting poetry, learning French, and he has brought many authors from around Puerto Rico and Latin America to speak to our students at all grade levels.  Mr. Rivera holds a Bachelor's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and has over 11 years of experience in various educational systems, including public, charter, and private schools. He is a published author of poetry and fiction, a member of PEN PR, and a leader of La Liga de Poetas del Sur (now Comunidad de Literatura, Arte y Cultura del Sur), and an independent publishing company, Eikon.

Alejandra, on the other hand, is a talented and exceptional student who excels both in and outside the classroom. She is a gifted athlete and trains daily in track and field, bringing numerous championships to Washburn School. Alejandra has received multiple university acceptances, including offers from universities in the mainland United States and Puerto Rico, reflecting her academic prowess and potential to excel in higher education. Our faculty and staff members voted using a rigorous rubric, considering all the students at our school, that included academic achievement, our school values, critical thinking skills, curiosity in the classroom, outstanding leadership development, and a general positive contribution to all stakeholders in our school community. 

Mr. Rivera and Alejandra will be honored at the Puerto Rico Educational Congress, sponsored by the Private Schools Association, on Wednesday, February 8th, at the San Juan Convention Center. The selection of both the Teacher and Student of the Year was based on a comprehensive evaluation of the impact on our school community.

Washburn School is proud to have both Mr. Rivera and Alejandra as members of its community and extends its heartfelt congratulations to them on their well-deserved recognition.

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