Students of the month of April 2013 activity

Washburn School congratulates the following students that have been selected students of the month of April  2013.

The students will be recognized on:
Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
Time: 8:30 AM
Parents can take pictures and bring a present to their child.

Pre-Kinder -- Fabián González Reyes

Kinder -- Lyanne Rivera Oxios

1st Gold -- Kamila Curet Febles

1st Blue --Vacant

2nd Gold -- Daniel Xu Ling

2nd Blue -- Adella M. Alicea Valle

3rd Grade -- Carla M. Rivera Medina

4th Grade -- Ariel Moreno Medina

5th Grade -- Rocío Quintana Guzmán

6th Grade -- José Torres Alicea

7th Grade --Vacant

8th Grade --Vacant

9th Grade --Génesis M. Martínez Arroyo

10th Grade --Jean Carlos Ortiz Meléndez
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