Washburn School Eagles Win and are Headed to Puerto Rico's Private School League Basketball Championship


After countless practices starting in the beginning of the year in 2014 led by head coaches Ronnie Lopezcepero and P.E lead Mr. Flores our Washburn Eagles began to see promise in the season that started in January 2015.

Washburn School Eagles led the way with 5 straight victories and keeping the 1st place position for the majority of the season. In the playoffs we matched against a team that had beat us three times and once by just a point. Nevertheless we took the underdog role and dominated in the playoff season with our star point guard Jasnel Oquendo #11 who averaged 16 points and 10 assists and our star shooter Omar Gomez who averaged 19 points a game in the regular season led the way in the playoffs with stellar offensive performances. Our center Jaried Rodriguez and small forward Alvin Colon who averaged 9 points a game and stepped it up to defend our opponents best player helped us reach the Championship. Alongside strong defense, rebounding and second unit help from Guillermo Mayo, Diego Serpa, Gabriel Aquino, Juan Pacheco, and Mine de Jesus.

Stat Averages in the Semi Final Playoff Series vs. Academia Cristo Rey

Jasnel Oquendo - 14.5 points - 10 assists - 3 rebounds - 3 steals
Omar Gomez - 19.5 points - 2 assists - 2 rebounds - 2.5 steals
Alvin Colon - 9 points - 1 assist - 2 rebounds - 1 steal
Diego Serpa - 3 points - 0 assists - 3 rebounds - 0 steals
Jaried Rodriguez - 5 points - 6 rebounds - 1 block
Guillermo Mayo - 7 rebounds - 1 steal
Gabriel Aquino - 2 steals
Mine de Jesus - 1 steal
Juan Pacheco - 2 points - 4 rebounds
Julio Lebron - DNP in Game 1
Armando Cubi - DNP
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