Washburn School Introduces French as a Foreign Language Class Starting in Elementary School. Brain Researchers Discover that Bilingual Students Find it Easier to Learn a Third Language.

 At Washburn, students are bilingual within months of studying at our school if they start early and within years if they join us late. Nevertheless, they are one short step from becoming trilingual. This year (2016-2017) we will introduce French for the appropriate age groups that linguist, neuroscientists, and brain education experts have found that it would be most beneficial for. 
According to the research paper in this link: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/:

 " This is because languages reinforce one another, and provide tools to strengthen phonologic, morphologic and syntactic skills. These skills provide the necessary basis for learning to read. Our study has also shown that applying language skills from one language to another is a critical cognitive function that makes it easier for an individual to go through the learning process successfully. Hence, it is clear that tri-lingual education would be most successful when started at a young age and when it is provided with highly structured and substantive practice," he concluded."
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