Congratulations to the October Washburn School students of the month!

Pre-Kinder - Hecmarie Rodriguez Colón
Kindergarten G - Jonathan Santana Meléndez
Kindergarten B - Justin Ortiz Rosado
First Grade - Eliana Rosa Dávila
Second Ednier Grade - Pérez Rodríguez
Third Grade - Yarel Rodríguez López
Fourth Grade - Alex Moreno Sotomayor
Fifth Grade - Karolee Rodríguez Aponte
Sixth Grade - Alanis Colón Flores
Seventh Grade - Andrea Rodríguez Rodríguez
Eighth Grade - Amanda Negrón Alvarado
Ninth Grade - Yeral Rodríguez López
Tenth Grade - Alejandra Gómez Martínez
Eleventh Grade - Abdiel LaFontaine Escalera
Twelfth Grade - Mine de Jesús García

We have a criteria for evaluating students that includes voting from all staff and faculty members in a rubric that includes observations for each student, classroom behavior, values outside the classroom, outstanding social factors with peers, and their positive impact to our overall community. The teachers who vote and nominate fill out the rubric anonymously . It means that all faculty members pick the winner without exactly knowing who is the outstanding student at Washburn School in each month, thus promoting a fair selection that includes everyones feedback!

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