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Bio - Ashley Ann Ayala Workman

She was born in Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of six, she moved to Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico where she studied from second to twelfth grade. During her school years, starting in sixth grade she joined the Juana Díaz School Band, in which she was part of the first female percussion line. In this group, she participated in the Disney Music Festival and won first place in the percussion line section. After she graduated from high school, she enrolled at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus in the Plastic Arts Program. After two years, she decided she wanted to be a teacher as well as an artist, so she completed all the requirements to become a certified teacher. Furthermore, she graduated Cum Laude in her bachelor’s degree. Then, she decided to pursue her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision at Caribbean University, which she is currently enrolled in. Her goal for the future is to continue to improve her education and to transmit the love for knowledge and learning to all her students.


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Talent Show Tickets

Greetings parents. 
As you all know, the talent show is this Thursday, and we are concerned that many of you have bought tickets to the event. tickets will NOT be sold at the theater, you must buy them beforehand. Tomorrow is the LAST day to buy tickets, so please send the money and the amount of tickets you wish to purchase with your child. each ticket costs $3.00 and everyone two years of age an older must pay. 
Thank you,
-Mrs. Ayala