Mrs. Rosa Padilla » Biography


Mrs. Padilla was born in Queens, New York. In New York City she worked as an assistant teacher in the Department of Education. In this period of time is when she realized teaching was her calling. She consecuently operated a Family Daycare in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Mrs. Padilla loves the tropics and made her moved to Puerto Rico.  In Puerto Rico she attended the Interamerican University in Ponce and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English as a Second Language with a minor in Elementary.  After graduation she taught English from 1s to 12th grade at a private school while also teaching Conversational English at the Adult Program in Washburn, called Washburn English Institute. Mrs. Padilla loves children and learning therefore she currently studying to complete her Master’s Degree to expand her knowledge.  Mrs. Padilla is passionate about reading and in her spare time she enjoys swimming and traveling.  She is excited to start working with the Washburn Family as a 3rd grade teacher.