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Mrs. Torres was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. In 2012, she attended Pontifical Catholic University of Ponce and earned a Bachelor's degree in Education. As a student, she was part of the TESOL International Association (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and participated in many workshops and conventions that gave her different educational experiences. After graduating, she taught the English language to groups from Kindergarten to 5th grade at a private school in Ponce. Mrs. Torres enjoys reading, and listening to music. She looks forward to her first year at Washburn as the 2nd grade elementary teacher that will work with Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.


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Science experiment changed to Thursday, August 22, 2019. It is being changed to give the students the opportunity to have more than a day to complete the project. 
Also, its not necessary to bring clay, because it can be more difficult to work with you can bring soil instead.