Mr. Ricardo Martinez » Biography


Ricardo Martínez Martínez was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and lived in Coamo, Puerto Rico. During his school years, he took guitar lessons. He studied Accounting in High School, becoming part of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). After graduating High School, he decided to follow his passion for music and enrolled in the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (PUCPR). After two years into his Bachelor's Degree, Ricardo decided he wanted to be a teacher so he can impart the love of music to his students. Graduating highest GPA of his program, and having his teachers certificate, the search for a job took him to Laurel, Maryland where he taught Spanish as a second language to High School students. After a year, he decided it was time to come back home with his family and now he works as a music teacher, doing what he envisioned, showing young students a passion for music. Although, his year abroad did not go to waste, since he also teaches Continental Spanish to students who do not speak Spanish as their first language.