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Alejandro Cruz Bio

Teaching is just as tough as it is rewarding, that is something Alejandro Cruz has had ingrained into him throughout his years striving to become a teacher. He completed a bachelor’s degree in teaching English at the elementary level so he knows how unpredictable being an educator can be. That’s why he prides himself on being as prepared as possible for every outcome. As a chess enthusiast, he knows that there’s never just one strategy to be implemented and that an educator must adapt to his or her student’s needs. Having four years of volunteer work at “Perlecia Cerebral para Niños con Condicion” under his belt and knowledge of both sign language and English at his repertoire, he is ready to guide his students to the greatness he knows they can achieve. While keeping in mind their individual needs, as a member of the “Association for the Needs of The Hearing Impaired” of the University of Puerto Rico, he has participated in several of their activities as staff, such as pro hearing impaired parades and has been involved in several fundraisers. He also has experience as an English tutor at the university level in the Department of English at the University of Puerto Rico. He values the comfort and needs of his students above all else, regardless of their backgrounds or disabilities, and is more than willing to go to any lengths to ensure a positive and educational environment for them.