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Profile of a Washburn Student


Students at Washburn School have different cultures, backgrounds, 
religions, and nationalities, yet they all share an eagerness to learn. Year after year, Washburn School students’ standardized test scores place them among the highest-achieving schools in the island. This is no surprise, as teachers and students have a highly personalized way of interacting. From the moment you come to Washburn you notice a different culture and environment. Each child is well known by all the teachers and other students throughout the school. Teachers work with the staff and the parents to ensure that students are academically challenged, but not unnecessarily overwhelmed


When you meet a Washburn student you notice that they have received a premier education where they develop a high sense of integrity, honesty, fairness, justice, natural curiosity, personal commitment and a love for learning and achievement. Children leave Washburn as young men and women who have a love of learning that will stay with them for their entire lives. They have a broad range of interests and openness to new ideas. They are multilingual communicators, risk takers and critical thinkers.

 What do we offer? How do we teach our classes?

Washburn teaches all the classes in English except for Spanish and 
History  of Puerto Rico which we give a very strong emphasis to create fully bilingual  students at an early age. We are strong believers in active learning. We use it throughout our curriculum that emphasizes math, science, history, reading, writing, in English and rigorous courses in Puerto Rico’s main  language, Spanish. Students will be prepared to continue studies in any school  or university that uses English or Spanish as their main language throughout  the  world. Specialist teach many other classes such as music, computer,  physical  education, foreign language, scientific research/ labs, additional  math  specializations, speech, environmental studies, SAT/College Board review,  arts,  STEM education, robotics  and many specialized courses that  distinguish us  from other schools in Puerto Rico. 

Washburn School's curriculum offers a variety of exciting developmentally appropriate learning experiences which is designed to encourage each student to achieve his or her full potential. Our students are challenged to develop intellectual curiosity, creativity, and true love of learning. Small class size and excellent student to faculty ratio affords the opportunity for all students to participate actively, get full personalized attention, and at the same time develop independence.

 Students at Washburn develop organizational skills and study habits starting from a very young age.  At Washburn we expect them to accept increased responsibilities in both social and academic situations as they progress through the lower, middle, and high school. Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers challenge students to be thoughtful learners and provide them with independent choices which contribute to specialized individual learning and success. We seek to spark a lifelong passion for learning by providing stimulating education with a rigorous academic curriculum where each student receives both discipline and respect in a nurturing, supportive, and safe learning environment.