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Kinder Curriculum

Washburn has developed a REVISED 2014- 2015 curriculum for this grade. Due to privacy and copyright concerns with our exclusive content and curriculum parents and staff may pick up the curriculum guide in at Washburn's main office or email us at to ask for a copy.


Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, Number recognition, Forming sets, Reading and writing numbers to 100 and beyond, Ordinal numbers, Number families, Creation and application oh three parts patterns, Geometric shapes, Measurement tools, Recognizing coins (penny, nickel, dime), Creating a “number stories” book, Making a simple graph, Meaning of addition and subtraction, Equivalent sets


Family and friends: getting along with each other, similarities and differences, Citizenship, Working together, respecting rules, learning responsibilities American history, flag, historical figure (including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.), Native Americans, Pilgrims, Kansas history, flag and other symbols, Other countries and their cultures, holiday celebrations, customs, native animals, clothing, language, foods, Respect the diverse culture traditions, Maps: symbols, directions, keys and relation to student, Community helpers, Community service, Personal safety, Field trips, Guest speakers


Thematic Group reading; language skills; phonics; sight word recognition; children’s literature; phonetic dictation; manuscript handwriting; class assembly


Types of weather and seasonal changes, The stars, planets and moon, Day and night, Space exploration, Plant and animal development, Comparative properties of matter, Living/nonliving, heavy/light, long/short, floating/sinking, Introduction to the six simple types of machine through examples found in the school, Basic human anatomy (the skeletal, digestive, respiratory and nervous system).

We also offer these extra classes: Music, Physical Education, and Computer.