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Sixth Grade Curriculum


(Two levels offered) Arithmetic applied to pre-algebra and pre-geometry, arithmetic operations in mathematics and the real world, variables as pattern generalizes, abbreviations in formulas and unknowns in problems, graphing variable quantities on the number line and the coordinate plane, connecting basic arithmetical and algebraic skills to geometry and measurement topics, including perimeters, area and volumes.

Scientific Method, Observing, hypothesizing, testing, measuring, analyzing, concluding, reporting and theorizing. Life Science: Structure and processes of cells, differences within individual organism and characteristics of all kingdoms of organism; interaction of living things, human anatomy (the skeletal, muscular, digestive, circulatory, immune and nervous systems), heredity, genetics and adaptation, conservation, life and resources. Earth and the sun, and theory of formation, planets and no planetary objects in the solar system, rock Weathering, erosion, plane tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes (Meteorology) atmosphere, weather, water cycle and climate. Physical Science; State, properties and changes of matter; atoms, structure behavior, chemical bonds and reactions motions, forces, Newton’s Law’s; simple machines, energy, electromagnetic waves, light mirrors, lenses, electricity, magnetism. Additional Projects, Egg Drop Contest, National Science Olympiad competition, internet- based research project field trips to Stone Nature Center and other appropriated sites.

Geography the earth and its regions, human-environment interactions; maps, charts and graphs; specific geographic features of major countries and their effects on political, economic and cultural development; continent studies, including key cities, countries bodies of water and other features, the similarities and differences of major countries; socially influential individuals from various cultures; current events.

Readings integrated with social studies topics; student-chosen literature across a variety of genres; writings in various response modes; journals, comprehension activities, graphic organizers, book reports; analysis of literary elements skill lessons in writing conversation, grammar, revision and written responses; writing in four basic genres (fiction, memoir, poetry, and expositions); oral presentations of individual and group projects; class assembly; reading aloud from student work and published texts; public speaking.
Washburn School es una escuela de inmersión en inglés que busca formar estudiantes capaces de dominar dicha lengua a la par con los estudiantes y habitantes de cualquier país angloparlante. Aunque esa es sea la meta final, tenemos la misión de proteger y atesorar nuestra cultura hispana junto con nuestra tradición puertorriqueña. Es importante que el estudiante sea capaz de trabajar al máximo sus destrezas en ambas lenguas para que al final de su camino escolar, y al comienzo de su vida universitaria, pueda disfrutar de los beneficios de pertenecer al selecto grupo de estudiantes bilingües funcionales. 
We also offer these extra classes: Music, Physical Education, Computer, and Foreign Language.