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Students of the Month for the 2019-2020 Academic Year



Students of the Month 


Every month since our establishment in the year 2003 we congratulate the students that were selected student of the month and that have demonstrated that they are striving for excellence at Washburn 🦅 .


We have a criteria for evaluating students that includes voting from all staff and faculty members in a rubric that includes Washburn's goals, observations of their academic work, classroom behavior, alignment with Washburn's values in and outside the classroom, and their positive impact to our overall community. The teachers who vote and nominate fill out the rubric anonymously through a point system that is added up.  Parents or guardians are welcome to witness the recognition.

Student of the Month is a great way for the teachers to show how much they appreciate and respect you in school.

The teachers and faculty who nominate and assign points to the students are always anonymous and they use a rubric of over 25 different criteria that  demonstrate Washburn values.  It means that all teachers and even administration staff help pick the winners.


Profile of a Washburn School Student


Students at Washburn School have different cultures, backgrounds, 

religions, and nationalities, yet they all share an eagerness to learn. Year after year, Washburn School students’ standardized test scores place them among the highest-achieving schools in the island. This is no surprise, as teachers and students have a highly personalized way of interacting. From the moment you come to Washburn you notice a different culture and environment. Each child is well known by all the teachers and other students throughout the school. Teachers work with the staff and the parents to ensure that students are academically challenged, but not unnecessarily overwhelmed


When you meet a Washburn student you notice that they have received a premier education where they develop a high sense of integrity, honesty, fairness, justice, natural curiosity, personal commitment and a love for learning and achievement. Children leave Washburn as young men and women who have a love of learning that will stay with them for their entire lives. They have a broad range of interests and openness to new ideas. They are multilingual communicators, risk takers and critical thinkers.


Identity Statement 


Washburn School is a private, nonsectarian, multicultural, nonprofit, value-based, college preparatory Pre-K to 12th grade school in which English is the main language of instruction.


Mission Statement


Washburn School fosters a holistic, challenging, and dynamic exemplary English language educational program in a safe and nurturing environment. We educate and inspire our students to reach their full potential and we are committed to empowering them to pursue personal and academic excellence. Washburn prepares students to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, precise communicators, ethical leaders, intellectual problem solvers, and caring global citizens.




Washburn School aspires to be a world-class school that transforms students through the love of learning, truth, and wisdom as they strive to become bilingual graduates who are prepared to qualify for acceptances at premier higher education institutions around the world.

Washburn School strives to be the benchmark of English immersion-based PK-12th-grade education in southern Puerto Rico by providing an innovative and intensive educational program through dedicated, highly qualified, and well supported academic staff. We actively seek to maintain one of the best student to teacher ratios in our region through small group sized classes.


Core Values 


Washburn serves a diverse population and prepares students through an innovative and intensive program focused on engaging and enabling to be resilient, courageous, honest, respectful, empathetic, open-minded, citizens with a high sense of personal responsibility and integrity. Washburn students strive for excellence and academic, social, and emotional success as they actively embrace multilingualism.



August 2019-2020 Students of the Month (Value of the Month - Excellence)


Congratulations to the Washburn School August 2019 students of the month! Washburn's value of the month that our teachers have been working with in all grades is EXCELLENCE.


Pre-Kindergarten - Diego José Berríos Stella


Kindergarten - Hecmarie Rodríguez Colón


First Grade Glo - Vivian C. de León González


First  Grade Kat - Andrelis Torres Negrón


Second Grade - Ian Nael Aquino Vélez


Third Grade - Marcela C. Acevedo Brain


Fourth Grade - Veli Faith Rosario


Fifth Grade - Andrés Rodríguez Rodríguez


Sixth Grade - Jorianix L. Muñiz Renta


Seventh Grade - Marwa Rasheed


Eighth Grade - Miranda Chamorro Jimenez


Ninth Grade - Fadel Mohamad Said


Tenth Grade - Stefania Borges Rivera


Eleventh Grade - Abelardo Broche Ortiz


Twelfth grade - Rocio Quintana Guzmán


We congratulate the students that were selected and that have demonstrated that they are striving for excellence at Washburn 🦅 .

September 2019-2020 Students of the Month (Value of the Month - Responsibility)



Congratulations to the Washburn School September 2019 students of the month who were selected by all of their educators! Washburn's value of the month that our teachers have been working within all grades is RESPONSIBILITY.


PK - Anapatricia González Pérez


Kinder - Larah A. Gutiérrez Sánchez


First Grade GLO - Lucía Quiñones Justiz


First Grade KAT - Beverlyann Sánchez Venegas and Gerardo Echevarría Mercado


Second Grade - Rafael Colón Flores


Third Grade - Marcela Acevedo Brain


Fourth Grade - Veli Faith Rosario


Fifth Grade - Ahmad Mohamad Said


Sixth Grade - Claudia Betancourt Ortiz


Seventh Grade - Camila S. Robles Alberti


Eighth Grade - Alondra I. Sadek Franceschi and Andrea S. Rodríguez Rodríguez


Ninth Grade- Alejandra Alvarez Toledo


Tenth Grade - Claudia Toro Cruz


Eleventh Grade- Valeria Texeira Santiago


Twelfth Grade - Valeria Colón Quiles



October 2019-2020 Students of the Month (Value of the Month - Honesty)


Pre-Kindergarten - Andrés P. Rodríguez Santiago

Kindergarten - Pamela Burgos Madrigal

1st Grade Glo - Yaniris A. Aponte Rodríguez

1st Grade Kat - Lia V. Cruz Piazza

2nd Grade - Kamila N. Valle Torres

3rd Grade - Jesus Rentas Saldaña


4th Grade - Andrea Avilés Miranda

5th Grade - Alex Moreno Sotomayor

6th Grade - Gabriel Hernández Borges

7th Grade - Gabriel González Delfino

8th ----------- Vacant -------------

9th Grade - Fadel Mohammad Said

10th Grade - Lara Caraballo Rivera and Yeral Rodríguez López (Voting tie)

11th Grade - Nizar Munther Khatib

12th Grade - Abdiel Lafontaine Escalera