Mrs. Margie Garriga » Biography


Ms. Garriga was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. In 2009, she completed a BA in Science Psychology with an additional certification in Fine Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ponce. In 2017, she completed a Master's Degree in Arts Education specializing in Museum Studies at Caribbean University Bayamon. Before, Ms. Garriga worked as an art educator on various art workshop projects organized by the Museum of Art of Ponce that engaged with public schools, public housing communities, and elderly communities. Additionally, she teaches drawing and painting skills at a private art academy in Ponce. 

Ms. Garriga has three years of experience teaching in private schools at all grade levels, from Pre-Kinder to high school. She enjoys working with children and integrating the Arts as a learning base of education. Her hobbies include painting, drawing, and sculpting with clay. She enjoys volunteering in her hometown, Juana Diaz, as a tour guide in the Museum of The Three Kings in Juana Diaz during the celebration of Three Kings Day.