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Bio : Mrs. Llull Quiles

Mrs. Llull Quiles has been a member of the Washburn School Board of Directors for 20 years as of the year 2022.
She has been in the field of education and within educational language programs for over 27 years. 

In the mid-1990s she worked for Kansas State University in the Nutrition Department. She specifically worked with Hispanic and Latino populations in Kansas. Mrs. Llull Quiles researched and presented about food safety and food poisoning within Eastern Kansas. In the early 1990’s Mrs. Llull co-hosted a television program, edited a Spanish newspaper, and had a radio show about educational nutrition for the Hispanic and Latino populations.

In 1995 she co-founded El Hispano Spanish Institute in Topeka, Kansas.  El Hispano Spanish Institute focused on teaching conversational Spanish to children and adult English speakers from Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City areas within Kansas and Missouri, USA. At the end of the adult course, the classes would travel from Topeka, Kansas to Puerto Rico to practice their Spanish.


In 1999 she co-founded Washburn English Institute which offered conversational English classes for adults and children from 5 to 17 years old in the southern region of Puerto Rico.  Washburn English Institute offers English classes in multiple pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies in Puerto Rico. Over the 21 year history of Washburn English Institute, it has had the privilege to help thousands of students learn conversational English on the island.  

In the year 2003, she co-founded Washburn Elementary School alongside her husband, Dr. J. Lopez-Cepero. Washburn School started as a private, college preparatory, multicultural, total English immersion school in Puerto Rico. The goal of the school was to provide a rigorous, English immersion academic program that prepared students to study in public and private universities and colleges around the world. Mrs. Llull studied industrial engineering in her bachelor's degree and has a minor in Nutritional studies. She also has a second bachelor's degree in accounting alongside her 27 years of experience in the education field. 





(Spanish Description) - Myrna Llull, el Dr. Lopez y Valeria Maldonado, quién recibió una beca académica por $253,530 o $63,250 al año para estudiar en St. Lawrence University en Nueva York después de estudiar en Washburn School por 13 años (2004 al 2017).