Ronnie Lopezcepero

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 Mr. Ronnie Lopezcepero has served at Washburn School since the year 2009 in various teaching and leadership roles. Mr. Lopezcepero is currently in his doctoral program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, researching the crossroads of the bilingual brain, mathematics, educational neuroscience research, and its application in educational policy.

He interrupted his face-to-face work at Washburn School in 2013 to study a master's degree at the University of Oslo in Norway.   In 2015, he started multiple master's degrees at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign while living in Illinois for two years. He received scholarships or total funding for all his postgraduate experiences. He worked at Washburn School remotely while abroad, managing our online programs, school website, and social media presence.  

Mr. Lopezcepero rejoined Washburn in May 2017 as the Business and Educational Development Director. He also has taught conversational English to adult professionals with Washburn English Institute in various pharmaceutical companies around Puerto Rico. 

  Work Experience Outside Washburn School:
  •  In 2015, Ronnie Lopezcepero worked alongside the College of Education faculty at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as a graduate research assistant in the Higher Education department. 

  • Mr Lopezcepero was a student business consultant for Illinois Business Consulting, the largest, fee-based, university-led consulting organization in the country, based in the College of Business at the University of Illinois. In December 2016, he conducted a team-based project for an international client in Panama City, Panama, within the software industry. Illinois Business Consulting works with Fortune 100, Fortune 500, mid-sized, international, and non-profit organizations.
Business Consultant: Illinois Business Consulting - Panama City, Panama 
  • Ronnie concurrently worked in the higher education field, specifically as a graduate employee of the University of Illinois system. He helped lead international college student programming for two years as the international student outreach and programming graduate assistant at the Counseling Center- University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.
Higher Education Student Association
President of Illinois Higher Education Student Association
 Illinois Student Senate
 Research Papers: 
  • At the University of Oslo in Norway, he wrote about international development and sustainability for poverty-ridden countries from an educational perspective. He also presented Puerto Rico's top three development problems to international students from 29 nations.

  • At the University of Illinois, he wrote about:
    1. Women in STEM
    2. Neuroplasticity and Second Language Learners
    3. Educational Neuroscience - Perspectives for Bilingual Student Research
    4. The Role of the University of Puerto Rico in U.S. higher education
    5. Bilingual student Access, Retention, and Graduation within American Higher Education
    6. International Student Recruitment Strategies at American Colleges and Universities
    7. Bilingualism in K-16 Students
    8. International College Student Mental Health
    9. How to Teach Critical Thinking to Educators
    10. Human Resource Development, Adult Learning, and Staff training within Non-Profit Organizations
    11. Job Automation, Robotics, and the Future of Work"
    12. Work Analysis:  Headmasters in International Private Schools
    13. The University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez: Higher Education Study
    14. College Access for Bilingual Students and English as a Second Language Learners
    15. Excellence and Equity for Dual Language Learners (English Language Learners, Emergent Bilinguals, Limited English Proficient, Bilingual Learners) in the Educational Pipeline Towards Higher Education
    16. Critical Thinking for Teachers
    17. Factors Contributing to College Persistence and Successful degree Completion for Hispanic/Latino college students attending selective 4-year institutions and 4-year Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs)
    18. Black and Latino Success Stories: Factors in Navigating, Persisting, and Completing  a Degree in Higher Education 
    19. Career certificate development programs designed for international students who are working towards their undergraduate or master's degree and who want to be strong job/intern candidates in the United States
    20. Homeless Students in America's Public Schools and its Effect on Access to Higher Education
    21. Human Resource Development Performance Analysis 
    22. The role of translanguaging in mathematics English Medium Instruction classrooms for emergent bilingual students. 



Washburn's Graduation June 2016
Washburn's Graduation in May 2017
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