Ronnie Lopezcepero, M.ED., M.S., M.A. - School Board Member / Educational & Business Development Director

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Ronnie Lopezcepero was born and raised in Kansas. He rejoined Washburn School full-time in June 2017. Ronnie had previously been serving in various roles for eight years since January 2011, even while studying postgraduate degrees at the University of Oslo in Norway and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He received scholarships and full funding for all three of his postgraduate degrees. 


  • He previously attended the University of Oslo in Norway ISS in 2013 where he coursed master's degree studies in International Development. He was accepted to the postgraduate program at the University of Oslo in Higher Education (University Administration) in August 2015, but opted to study the same degree at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he received full funding for the duration of the program and for an additional master's degree.  
  Work Experience:
  •  Mr. Lopezcepero was a Business Consultant for Illinois Business Consulting, the largest, fee-based, university-led consulting organization in the country, based out of the College of Business at the University of Illinois. In December 2016, he conducted a team-based project for an international client in Panama City, Panama within the software industry. Illinois Business Consulting works with Fortune 100, Fortune 500, mid-sized, international, and non-profit organizations.
Business Consultant : Illinois Business Consulting - Panama City, Panama 
  • Ronnie concurrently worked in the higher education field, specifically as an employee of the University of Illinois system. He help lead international college student programming for two years as the International Student Outreach and Programming Graduate Assistant at the Counseling Center- University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.
Higher Education Student Association
President of Illinois Higher Education Student Association
 Illinois Student Senate
  • In August of 2015, Ronnie Lopezcepero started working alongside faculty of the College of Education at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as a Graduate Research Assistant of the Higher Education department. 
 Research Papers: 
  • At the University of Oslo in Norway he wrote about international development and sustainability for poverty ridden countries from a financial and educational perspective. He also presented about Puerto Rico's top three development problems to a forum of international students from 29 nations.
  • At the University of Illinois he wrote about:
  1. Issues of Access, Retention, and Persistence for International and Minority College Students within United States Higher Education
  2. Latino Males in U.S. Higher Education
  3. K-12 STEM Education
  4. The Role of the University of Puerto Rico in U.S. higher education
  5. Bilingual student Access, Retention, and Graduation within American Higher Education
  6. International Student Recruitment Strategies at American Colleges and Universities
  7. Bilingualism in K-16 Students
  8. International College Student Mental Health
  9. How to Teach Critical Thinking to Educators
  10. Human Resource Development, Adult Learning, and Staff training within Non-Profit Organizations
  11. Job Automation, Robotics, and the Future of Work"
  12. Work Analysis:  Headmasters in International Private Schools
  13. University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez : Higher Education Study
  14. College Access for Bilingual Students and English as a Second Language Learners
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Washburn's Graduation June 2016
Washburn's Graduation May 2017
Washburn's Graduation May 2018


Recent Posts

Washburn Supports our Jewish Community, Students, and Faculty Members

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the Jewish community and the Jewish members of the Washburn School family. As a multicultural school with a diverse faculty and student population in southern Puerto Rico, it is of utmost importance to seek out love, empathy, respect, and understanding of those who look, love, speak, and pray differently.

Let us take this time to reflect, learn, listen, love, and empathize with our fellow neighbors as we continue to educate against these acts of hate and violence.


Transforming Washburn into a STEM School - The Role of Risk and Failure for Students

 Students need a place where they can make mistakes in finding solutions for problems without massive risk of dropping their grades. Exposure to risk and failure is essential for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education because it reflects what happens in real world STEM careers. We often have students on a  tight schedule with ultra-structured lessons guided towards getting enough grades in by the end of a semester. Students need much more time to figure out solutions during their school day. Students should not be doing everything for grades and honor awards. They should be able to puzzle through questions and research without being penalized with bad grades. In other words, we should not be teaching for a test only. Learning through making mistakes gives students a better understanding of the skills needed for STEM success and to transform Washburn into a STEM-focused school. 
Starting in 2017-2018, we hope to transform our school's spaces to align with STEM education. Experts agree that we must prepare students for jobs that do not even exist today. Furthermore, jobs that exist today will not even exist in the next decade. Automation and robotics will take over many career sectors. Therefore students will have to learn how to be pioneers and leaders in STEM fields to be able to withstand the massive change we will be facing in our society. 
Ways that we will transform our school to align with STEM:
  • Robotics Lab
  • Have more students join our robotics team 
  • Investments in new technological infrastructure
  • Changes in Classroom Learning Spaces
  • Teacher training through STEM and incorporation of Neuroscience Education Research for use in the classroom
  • Electives class surrounded around STEM and STEM entrepreneurship 
  • Use of technologies in the classroom (Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps)
  • Start Washburn's own Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) (Spanish: Sociedad de Ingenieros Hispanos Profesionales). SHPE also offers membership to students passionate about science, technology, and mathematics.

How is Washburn School's robotic team, composed of talented girls, breaking world records in STEM related competitions ?

Washburn School and our students have true limitless potential. Last Saturday our robotic team (PINKY NERDS) composed only of females: Alanis G. Cubí, Valeria Colón, Alejandra Gómez and Rocío Quintana broke a world record on the biggest robotic competition for students of their age the world has to offer. Historically, girls have been hampered and discouraged to study and ponder STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) related fields. Washburn shows its potential for innovation as we encourage girls to explore these unfathomed fields for female students. Our girls just won a pass to the Robotic World Championship in Anaheim, California after winning recently the Latin American Championship. They displayed outstanding math, science, programming, and technological skills on Saturday.
Women are often discouraged from pursuing careers in Engineering, Mathematics and Technology. At Washburn, we understand how stereotype threats impact women and why they leave or avoid STEM fields, yet we strive for this trend to be reversed. Stereotype threat happens because our society tends to reinforce stereotypes, such as “women are not good at math.”
For many females, they encounter this stereotype in the world and often reflect upon it during stressful, anxiety-ridden situations, like when taking a test or giving a presentation.
Since Washburn is ultimately a small yet academically elite school, we can feel free to be innovative and to strive to be different. With the help of dedicated parents such as engineer Armando Cubí and staff, we have been able to help our female students break world records and strive to be the best, not only in Puerto Rico or Latin America but the world.

Washburn School Eagles are headed to Puerto Rico's Private School Basketball League Championship with head coaches Ronnie Lopezcepero and Mr. Flores leading the team. 

With an eight point win over Academia Cristo Rey in game two of the semi-final series, Washburn heads to Puerto Rico's LAEC League championship! Jasnel Oquendo and Omar Gomez led the way each scoring 18 points.