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Mr. Gerardo Echevarria Martinez Bio

Mr. Gerardo Echevarría Martínez was born in Ponce and has been working at Washburn School since
2015. He is Washburn's Mathematics teacher for 7th to 12th grade and his classes range from Algebra 1 and 2 to Pre-Calculus and Calculus.  Mr. Echevarria majored in Mathematics Education in the Interamerican University, San German Campus with studies in pure mathematics and computer science. Currently, he is pursuing a Master's degree in Pure Mathematics.

He is a proud and happy parent of two sons, Gerardo Gabriel Echevarria Mercado and Matias
Hiram Echevarria Mercado which fill his life with joy alongside his beloved wife Maria Esther Mercado. He is also an active member of the Hebrew roots movement by contributing podcast,
videos, articles, live music, and radio in both Yeshua la Luz del Mundo and Etz Jaim Ministries.
Additionally, he has a passion for music and composition which he pursues by way of guitars, pianos,
saxophones and the bass. Topics of interest include neuropedagogy, cognitive development, research
based teaching strategies, anthropological fundamentals of teaching, cosmology and general astronomy,
computer based mathematics, theology and many more.



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