Ms. Adriana Lugo » Bio - Ms. Lugo (French and Arts Teacher)

Bio - Ms. Lugo (French and Arts Teacher)

Ms. Lugo was born and raised in Ponce, PR. She majored in Fine Arts specializing in Painting and earned a second degree in French Studies from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Ponce campus. Her passion for art began when she took an art class in elementary school, and knowing she wanted to pursue a career in art, she has had the experience of teaching art to young children and has exposed her works of art in her community. Also, she is a French enthusiast and enjoys teaching others about the French language and culture. She works as an intern at the Ponce Art Museum (MAP) in the department of Information and Community Outreach. Her hobbies include painting, visiting museums, drinking coffee and playing sports. In her senior year of college, she was captain of the Women's Soccer. Ms. Lugo teaches Art as well as French for elementary and middle school and is proud to call Washburn School her new home.