About Us
Washburn School – A place of opportunity

At Washburn we are a small school by design and we value our tight knit community. Teachers and students at Washburn School have the opportunity to enjoy working closely together and have easy access to one another at every single level from Pre-K to 12th Grade. We are a student body of approximately 250, with over 35 professionals as part of our staff. This distinguishes us as having one of the best student to faculty ratios compared to any school in Puerto Rico. Programs such as adopt a child and unique collaborations between Washburn Middle and High School with Kindergarten and other cross-grade level activities provide rich opportunities to build community throughout the student body. At Washburn, we not only nurture and care for each other, but the entire community values how we, the adults, treat children and how we insist children treat one another. Everyone knows each other personally and this is a unique strength that you can only find in our community.

What is Washburn School? Who are we?
Washburn School is a private, non-sectarian, multi-cultural, total English immersion school, for grades Pre-K to 12th grade located in the Spanish-speaking city of Ponce, Puerto Rico.  All the courses are taught in the English language except for Spanish class, foreign language courses, and the cultural based Puerto Rican history class. The school fosters our Puerto Rican heritage and conserves a bridge between numerous cultures. We are committed to a full English language instruction, while keeping a relentless focus in teaching Spanish. At Washburn we embrace multilingualism in its active and passive form, as it becomes a social necessity while we move towards globalization and cultural openness.
Students at Washburn School have different cultures, backgrounds,
religions, and nationalities, yet they all share an eagerness to learn. Year
after year, Washburn School students’ standardized test scores place them among
the highest-achieving schools in the island. This is no surprise, as teachers
and students have a highly personalized way of interacting. From the moment you
come to Washburn you notice a different culture and environment. Each child is
well known by all the teachers and other students throughout the school.
Teachers work with the staff and the parents to ensure that students are
academically challenged, but not unnecessarily overwhelmed.
Washburn teaches all the classes in English except for Spanish and
History  of Puerto Rico which we give a very strong emphasis to create fully
bilingual  students at an early age. Our curriculum emphasizes math, science,
history,  reading, writing, in English and rigorous courses in Puerto Rico’s
main  language, Spanish. Students will be prepared to continue studies in any
school  or university that uses English or Spanish as their main language
throughout  the  world. Specialist teach many other classes such as music,
computer,  physical  education, foreign language, scientific research/ labs,
additional  math  specializations, speech, environmental studies, SAT/College
Board review,  arts,  STEM education, robotics  and many specialized
courses that  distinguish us  from other schools in Puerto Rico.
When you meet a Washburn student you notice that they have received a
premier education where they develop a high sense of integrity, honesty,
fairness, justice, natural curiosity, personal commitment and a love for
learning and achievement. Children leave Washburn as young men and women who
have a love of learning that will stay with them for their entire lives. They
have a broad range of interests and openness to new ideas. They are
multilingual  communicators, risk takers and critical thinkers.

Why Choose Washburn School?
 Choosing Washburn School for your child can be one of the most powerful and life-changing decisions you make as a parent. In today's world, it is imperative that our children are engaged in quality academics and are given opportunities to participate in appropriate life-preparing activities that will lead them down the road to success. We believe that we can create fully multilingual students with a full English immersion curriculum in connection with strong Spanish and Foreign Language departments. Puerto Rico needed an alternative for many parents seeking the highest quality standards in education and academic environment. Washburn School seeks to be the best private school and academic program in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
What does Washburn School believe in?
1.      Critical thinking and problem solving skills are vital in addressing the complex societal and ethical issues of our time.
 2.      Students learn best in a community where academic disciplines are integrated, fostering an appreciation of how they interact and form connections as a whole.
3.      Interdependence propels us to understand the languages, systems, and diverse cultures of people throughout the world. 
4.      Literature, music and the arts are essential, timeless aspects of human existence.
5.      The methods of science provide discipline to our search for structure in the world.
6.      Research stems from a combination of fundamental knowledge, individual creativity, and curiosity.
7.      Effective communication is often the only difference between a good idea and a successful initiative. At Washburn we want students to go from the, "thinking stage" to the, "doing stage."
8.    Washburn believes in collaborative learning, athletics, and extracurricular activities to develop leadership and vital interpersonal skills.
9.    We believe responsibility, student accountability for learning, and integrity in everything we do are core principles in the pursuit of excellence.  Washburn strives for this type of excellence based on the principal of doing what is right even when no one is watching.
10.  At Washburn we believe Learning never ends.
What does Washburn School offer?
Washburn School's curriculum offers a variety of exciting developmentally appropriate learning experiences which is designed to encourage each student to achieve his or her full potential. Our students are challenged to develop intellectual curiosity, creativity, and true love of learning. Small class size and excellent student to faculty ratio affords the opportunity for all students to participate actively, get full personalized attention, and at the same time develop independence.
 Students at Washburn develop organizational skills and study habits starting from a very young age.  At Washburn we expect them to accept increased responsibilities in both social and academic situations as they progress through the lower, middle, and high school. Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers challenge students to be thoughtful learners and provide them with independent choices which contribute to specialized individual learning and success. We seek to spark a lifelong passion for learning by providing stimulating education with a rigorous academic curriculum where each student receives both discipline and respect in a nurturing, supportive, and safe learning environment.
What are some of Washburn School's Accreditations and Memberships?
Washburn School is fully accredited by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico and accredited and licensed by, "El Consejo de Educación de Puerto Rico." Washburn is an active member of different professional organizations: Puerto Rico Private Education Association, National Association of Independent Schools, National Honor Society (Elementary, Middle and High School), Catholic Schools Athletic League, National Association of Math Teachers, National Association of Science Teachers, and maintain the common core standards revision.
What is Washburn’s Educational Philosophy?
Washburn’s education philosophy starts by educating our fully bilingual students at an internationally competitive level with raised academic expectations, implemented through a rigorous curriculum that pushes students to reach their highest academic potential. Washburn prepares students to compete with their peers in highly performing educational systems in Puerto Rico and other countries. We are a college preparatory school, placing students at the center of the learning experience and passionately developing the next generation of leaders equipped with skills for life. Students are taught to be judicious risk-takers and creative problem solvers in a global society. Achievement of these goals will result in their becoming socially and ethically responsible adults. Our educational philosophy rests on three pillars to our success as a school. Washburn believes in a rigorous curriculum, in hiring effective and highly knowledgeable teachers, and encouraging student accountability while maintaining a highly supportive environment.
The three pillars to Washburn’s Philosophy:
Rigorous Curriculum
 Washburn School implements an internationally benchmarked and challenging curriculum in Puerto Rico.
Effective and highly knowledgeable Teachers
 Washburn recruits and hires fully qualified, effective, and knowledgeable staff. Our teachers are able to convey the most complex content and concepts to young students. Most of our teachers have or are working on a Master’s degree or extensive experience in the classes they are assigned. Our teachers are true experts at the subject they teach.
Student Accountability
 Students at Washburn should take full responsibility for their educational achievements, developing a true love for learning.
What kind of students do we develop at Washburn School?
Complex Thinkers who:
  •  will be prepared to enter any four year college or university in Puerto Rico or around the world
  •   demonstrate abstract conceptual thinking in an ever complicated local Puerto Rican and global society
  •  demonstrate skills and concepts in a variety of problem solving situations
  •   develop an understanding of the symbolic language of mathematics and the sciences
  •  Remain current with developments in technology; Washburn is constantly infusing new technology in the learning process
Collaborative Workers who:
  •   demonstrate self-directed study habits and individual student accountability part of Washburn's philosophy in creating life-long learners
  •  utilize research skills for future success
  •   contribute to a safe and positive environment
Effective Communicators who:
  • demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills
  • develop self-confidence, personal strengths and integrity
  • convey ideas through coherent and focused essays and speech in both English and Spanish
  • read and understand beyond grade-level appropriate material in English and Spanish
  • develop effective presentation and communication in the classroom
  • strive inter-personally and excel in professional competitive situations
Community Participants who:
  • make a positive contribution with others in Puerto Rico and our increasingly global community
  • function together in a multi-cultural society
  •   appreciate contributions of others
  •   respect all types diversity
  • acquire an appreciation of the music and arts
What makes Washburn different than any other school in the region?
  •  Washburn gives you peace of mind knowing that your child is in well-rounded, safe environment where the foundation is built for future learning. A safe and inviting environment encourages excellence and confidence.
  •   Washburn has a strong policy against any type of bullying and violence. Washburn truly has the most pleasant and safest environment in our region.
  •   Washburn challenges our fully bilingual students academically and all students are able to expand knowledge and achieve our educational goals.
  •   We provide students with a setting where they can develop excellent communication and interpersonal skills which are essential for growth.
  •   We foster diversity and respect for an individual's physical, social, and emotional needs. We provide a great environment for students from different cultural, ethnic and social-economic backgrounds.
  •   Washburn focuses in creating leaders in an ever-changing world. Leadership requires curiosity, creativity, courage, and adherence to ethical standards.
  •   Washburn provides students with an impressive broad knowledge base, problem-solving strategies, and research skills which are all essential for success.
  •   Washburn has small classes. Washburn emphasizes teaching children how to learn vs. how to ace a test.
  •    Washburn hires highly qualified teachers.
  •    Washburn’s curriculum is traditional in an innovative environment using a variety of teaching styles and field trip excursions.
  •   Best student to faculty ratio in the region (school psychologist, educational social worker, subject tutors, college placement adviser, research and development specialist, Human Resources department, Dean of discipline, teachers, teachers assistants, school directors, etc.)
  •   Washburn encourages and welcomes parental involvement. Parents truly feel like part of a family.