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Physical Education Teacher

Physical Education Teacher
Washburn School in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Job Description

Position is responsible for creating a classroom environment that fosters, promotes and develops an understanding of the relationship of healthy body function and exercise; that motivates each student to cultivate physical fitness, and appropriate social and emotional adjustment; that discovers and develop talents of students in physical achievement; and that develops strength, skill, agility, poise, and coordination in individual, dual and team physical activities and sports, in accordance with each student’s ability.

Essential Duties
1. Teaches knowledge and skills in physical fitness, health education, basketball, volleyball, baseball, court soccer and various team sports, utilizing curriculum designated by Washburn School and other appropriate learning activities.

2. Instructs students in citizenship and basic subject matter

3. Analyzes, demonstrates, and explains basic skills, knowledge and strategies of formal sports, games, rhythms, and fundamentals of body movement.

4. Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior to provide an orderly, productive environment in the physical education areas.

5. Provides appropriate safety instruction and makes safety checks on equipment and field areas to ensure the overall safety of students.

6. Evaluates academic and social growth of students, prepares report cards, and keeps appropriate records to include attendance reports, checklists, census forms, and other record keeping activities as necessary.

7. Maintains control of storage and use of school property.

8. Evaluates each student’s growth in physical skills, knowledge and contribution in team sports.

9. Communicates with parents and school counselors on student progress.

10. Supervises students in out of classroom activities during the assigned working day.

11. Administers testing
Must possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in education or a related field

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

Must have the ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time; exhibit manual dexterity to dial a telephone, to enter data into a computer; to see and read a computer screen and printed material with or without vision aids; hear and understand speech at normal classroom levels, outdoors and on the telephone; speak in audible tones so that others may understand clearly in normal classrooms, outdoors and on the telephone; physical agility to lift up to 25 pounds to shoulder height and 50 pounds to waist height; and to bend, stoop, sit on the floor, climb stairs, walk and reach overhead.

Work Environment

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Duties are normally performed in a school/classroom environment. Duties may be occasionally performed on field trips away from school. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate. The job position is mostly outdoors in high degree temperature environment in the outdoor court or in the classroom.
Start Date
Contact Ronnie Lopezcepero
Phone: (787) 842-2226
Carr 14 KM 8.4 Coto Laurel, Ponce, PR XX