Hispanic Heritage Month Guest Speakers 

Washburn is a tight knit family with small groups averaging at 13 to 1 student faculty ratio and a 10 to 1 ratio for middle and high school!

Brain Based Learning Integrated Into Our Curriculum

Hispanic Heritage Month at Washburn - Pre-Kinder (Spain) visits Kindergarten (Panama) 

Moving towards 21st Century Learning Spaces

2017-2018 Washburn School Seniors - Elionai 2K18 !!!

Washburn graduates have a 100% College Acceptance Rate at Universities in Massachusetts, Iowa, New Mexico, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Illinois, New York, Missouri, and Puerto Rico

Washburn School students averaged over 123 points more than all private and public schools in the College Board exam for October 2016!

Where are our Washburn School Seniors going to College?

Welcome 2017 Washburn School Senior! #WashburnNation #EaglePride  

Washburn School Class of 2028 - Kindergarten Graduation 2016

2015 Basketball Champions Catholic and Private School League B, Puerto Rico

Washburn School Drama Club - Whether you are part of the class of 2016, an alumni, or the class of 2028, you are part of a family!

College Bound 2017!!!

Washburn Chess Club and Chess Champions! 

Active Community Involvement : Washburn Fighting Pediatric Cancer 

Physics class at Washburn School includes a visit to see how the power plant in Aguirre powers Puerto Rico's electricity

Physics and Electrical Engineering Field Trip to Central Aguirre! Light up Puerto Rico!

Our World Class Robotics Program Includes Girls in Stem Who Have Traveled to VEX World Championships Around the Nation!

Our historical first graduation at Washburn School !

At Washburn School we are a true family! 

Our classroom size policy enhances  learning, creates a tight knit family, and foments safety and zero bullying at Washburn School!

2016 Seniors - Washburn School

2016 Sub Champions!  We are a small school, yet we are an athletic powerhouse!

Washburn School Students Won First Place in Ponce, Puerto Rico's District Science Fair 


#Throwback to Early 2000s ! Gabriel and Esteban already graduated from Washburn in 2015! One is Medical School bound and the other is a future  entrepreneur and businessman!

Washburn's Baseball Team with the 2015 MLB Rookie of the Year Carlos Correa

2017 Seniors #WashburnSchool #WashburnNation #EaglePride


World Class Baseball Program with support from MLB players 

Educational Leaders 

Parents are the most important part of our family at Washburn

Latest News

Thanksgiving Week

• Teacher Training
• New Air Conditioners
• Practice Gratitude with your Loved Ones

Changes in the Academic Calendar

We will not have class on November 12th for Veterans Day. We will have class on November 16th. We have changed the Puerto Rican Day activity (Encendido Borinncano) to November 30th, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and it will be open for the public. We will be proving more information about that activity soon. There will be no class on that day (November 30th).
The November student of the month activity scheduled for that day will be on Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 8:30. For more information please call 787-842-2226.

Neuroscience at Washburn School

We concluded the Brain 🧠 Safety Challenge / Egg 🥚 Drop! Students found ways to protect the brain from damage by designing and creating a helmet made out of recycled materials. Washburn students from 9th to 12th grade have learned about the complex brain anatomy and each part’s function through active learning! They also have learned about various neurotransmitters and their roles, the long-term effects of concussions, dozens of neurological diseases , the complex functions of the nervous system, and we have introduced simple neuropsychological concepts

National Hispanic Heritage Month at Washburn School

Each homeroom teacher has been assigned a country to highlight in your classroom by decorating the door and classrooms with the country designated. We also will  integrate the contributions that Hispanics have done locally, internationally, or globally in the arts, science, economy, politics, education, sports, literature, and medicine in our daily classes at Washburn.

Estimados padres de 8vo a 12mo grado

Mañana 5 de septiembre será la orientación de la Dra. Suzette Mirabal, Consejera Estudiantil de Washburn School, según previamente anunciado en nuestro calendario de actividades. En la misma se discutirán temas como; Pruebas estandarizadas y Consejería de exploración ocupacional y pre universitaria.

From Washburn School Ponce to the World : Adriel Soto Moreu, 2018 Washburn Senior Alumni, Interviewed by ABC and Telemundo

Congratulations to Adriel Soto Moreu, who was interviewed by Telemundo 47 and ABC 7 in New York after winning the Puerto Rican Day Scholarship Program for his university studies! Adriel was accepted to three private universities with full-ride scholarships!
His acceptances were to, St John's University in New York with a $38,000 a year scholarship, to St. Peters University with a $28,500 a year scholarship including room and board, and to The College of New Rochelle with a $32,200 a year scholarship.

Washburn School's 2018 Kindergarten Spectacular End of Year Transition Ceremony

Washburn's 2018 Kindergarten End of Year Transtition Ceremony was an exciting circus style celebration led by our spectacular young students in English. The event had musical performances, choreographed dances, and an audience full of very proud parents. We look forward to welcoming these students to 1st grade next year at Washburn!

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