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Washburn School's Elementary School

At Washburn's elementary school children start in a total English immersion environment with a particular focus on our countries main language, Spanish. We currently have three languages (English, Spanish, and French) in our curriculum where students learn all their core subject matter in English,  an intense curriculum in Spanish (Spanish Class, Literature, and History of Puerto Rico), and French as a foreign language.  We are a multilingual and global school with students from around the world. 
At Washburn, our diverse and inquisitive students yearn to engage in a world bigger and infinitely more complex than themselves. Through multiple languages embedded in our curriculum and a small classroom setting with individualized education,  we quench their thirst for connecting intellectual, cultural, political, and artistic experiences. 
Our elementary school has ambitious, gifted, accelerated learners where each student thrives in an environment where personal interaction drives learning breakthroughs. We challenge students as they ignite creativity and a passion for invention. Our elementary school, a rigorous curriculum of problem-based active learning that leads to overwhelming love of learning and discovery, ignites creativity and design where problem-based learning leads to the next exciting development. 

In our elementary school, our students become the best version of themselves in a setting where everyone knows your name and interests while be surrounded with curious,  globally minded learners.