Graduation Requirements » 9th to 12th Grade (High School)

9th to 12th Grade (High School)

Washburn School High School
Graduation Requirements
Total  28 Credits (Minimum) + 40 hours of Community Service
English                         4 credits
Spanish                        4 credits or one credit per year of enrollment
• Social Studies             4 credits,  including World History, US History, PR History
• Mathematics                4 credits,  including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry 
• Science                        4 credits,  including Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Physical Education     2 credits
Computer                     1 credit
• Health                          .5 credit
• Speech                        .5 credit
• Electives                      4 credits (minimum)

Grading Scale:
A     - 90-100  - 4.00
B+   - 87-89    - 3.50
B     - 80-86    - 3.00
C+   - 77-79    - 2.50
C     - 70-76    - 2.00
D     - 65-69    - 1.00
F     - 0-64      - 0.00 
  • In order to graduate a student must approve every course with a minimum grade of 65%. 
  • If a student earns an F he/she can retake the course during summer school at an accredited institution. 
  • If a student earns more than two F's in a year the student will have to repeat the grade.



Repeating Courses Policy


  • Students who have earned a grade of 64 (F) or lower in a course have to repeat the course in order to earn the required credit. The F is not removed from the record and both grades are used in computing the GPA.
  • Courses in which a grade of 65-69 (D) is earned can also be repeated, but only once, with both the original and new grades included in the cumulative grade-point average.
  • Courses in which a grade of C or higher is earned may not be repeated for inclusion in the cumulative grade-point average.