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College and Career Counseling

Welcome parents and students:

It's never too early to begin   exploring what you would like to study and where you would like to study.   Washburn School takes pride in helping our students thru this   process.

Choosing what to study and where to study once high school is   completed can be a very confusing and overwhelming process for students as well   as parents.This website is designed to help Washburn students and their parents   during this process to try and make it a guided and self exploring experience. 

The first step in the road to college experience is to consider your   needs, strengths, weaknesses, talents and interests. This will help you find  the  right program of study and university. Career and College exploration  begins in  the early years of Middle School, so it's never too early to browse  this  site.

This site is designed in simple way so that it can be easily   navigated . I hope this helps Washburn students begin explore their interests  or  reconfirm what a student believes are his/her future professional   goals.

Always remember that I am here to help families in any way that  is  needed during this process.

Dr. Suzette Mirabal, CPL
College Placement Counselor