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Learning is an ongoing activity that continues throughout a student's lifetime. At Washburn we promote independent thinking, intellectual curiosity, and self-awareness as a life-long processes.

From 7th to 12th grade we offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes five core courses revolving around various Science courses that range from Biology to Chemistry and Physics and Math courses that range from Pre-Calculus to Calculus and Trigonometry. Our History courses range from World History and Geography to Puerto Rican History. Washburn also offers a variety of electives, such as, computer science and programming, coding, neuroscience, health, financial literacy, speech, psychology, physical education, and design technology offerings. We also place a special emphasis in our language program, which includes English and Spanish for all students, and College Writing and Speech as a yearly course offered at Washburn School to prepare students in learning how to write college level research papers and extended essays through creative writing

Upon graduation from Washburn School, our multilingual Eagles are fully prepared to successfully take their place among the best and the finest at the college or university of their choice. Washburn students aspire to achieve their full potential and leave their individual marks in our community.


 Washburn's Success 

Washburn has had five graduating classes (2015 to 2019) since it's establishment in 2003. Here are some of Washburn School's college acceptances. We have alumni from our school all over the nation in just five years who received acceptances with scholarships and grants amounting to over $1,640,000!
Click on the link below to see a map of where our students have college acceptances: 


Where have Washburn Students been accepted to since 2015? What types of scholarships and grants are they receiving? 

  • San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (Gabriel Garcia 2015 Senior)
  • University of Puerto Rico Law School 2019 (Idreath Soto 2015 Senior)


  • Northeastern University


  • St Lawrence University in New York ($253,000 4-Year Scholarship)


  • University of Pittsburg


  • St. Johns University (New York City) (Two students with scholarships amounting to $38,750 a year for four years)

  • NYU
  • Iowa State University (Two students accepted with academic scholarships)


  • Jacksonville University (Two academic Scholarships amounting to $90,000 and $80,000 respectively)


  • Saint Peter's University (New Jersey, $112,000 4-year Scholarship)


  • Miami University of Ohio (Athletic Scholarship)


  • University of Florida


  • University of Miami


  • Signed with the Boston Red Sox (MLB)


  • The New College of Rochelle (Full Scholarship $32,790 a year)


  • Valencia College


  • St Joseph’s University (Academic Scholarship)


  • New Mexico Military Institute (Athletic Baseball Scholarship)


  • Savanna College of Art and Design (SCAD)


  • Southwestern CC (Athletic Scholarship)


  • University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (Three academic and athletic scholarships)


  • University of Puerto Rico Ponce (Athletic Scholarship)


  • University of Puerto Rico Cayey


  • State University of New York


  • Indiana Institute of Technology (Academic Scholarship)


  • University of South Florida


  • Full Sail University


  • Beacon College


  • Purchase College


  • Jefferson College (Baseball Scholarship) 


  • University of South Florida




  • Tampa Hillsborough College 


  • Brescia University Kentucky (Two Athletic Scholarships)


  • Hope International University California (Athletic Scholarships)


  • University of Alabama 


  • NOVA Southeastern 


  • Point Park University (Athletic Scholarship $12,000 a year)


  • Pace University (Full-Ride Athletic Scholarship)


High School (October 2017) College Board Results
Washburn School outperformed all public and private schools in College Board Math Achievement, Math Aptitude, English, and Spanish. This is why we are one of the best college preparatory schools in Puerto Rico. We averaged more than 100 points in the Math Achievement section compared to all other private school students on the island ( 143 points over public schools). Being one of the few total English immersion schools in Southern Puerto Rico we are proud to excel in the English section as shown below. We are also excited to see that we had better scores in Spanish than all private/public schools in Puerto Rico that teach all their subjects in Spanish.