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Why Do We Excel ?

Why Do We Excel?

  1. Washburn gives you peace of mind by knowing that your child is in a well-rounded, safe environment where the foundation is built for future learning. A safe and inviting environment encourages excellence and confidence.
  2. Washburn has a firm policy against bullying and violence, and Washburn seeks to be the most pleasant and safest environment in our region.
  3. Washburn seeks to develop fully bilingual students
  4. Washburn provides students with a setting where they can produce excellent communication and interpersonal skills essential for growth.
  5. We foster diversity and respect for an individual's physical, social, and emotional needs. We provide an excellent environment for students from different cultural, ethnic and social-economic backgrounds.
  6. Washburn focuses on creating leaders in an ever-changing world. Leadership requires curiosity, creativity, courage, and adherence to ethical standards.
  7. Washburn provides students with an impressively broad knowledge base, problem-solving strategies, and research skills essential for success.
  8. Washburn has small classes. 
  9. Washburn hires highly qualified teachers.
  10. Washburn encourages and welcomes parental involvement. Parents truly feel like part of a family.