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Why Do We Excel ?


  •  Washburn gives you peace of mind knowing that your child is in well-rounded, safe environment where the foundation is built for future learning. A safe and inviting environment encourages excellence and confidence.
  •   Washburn has a strong policy against any type of bullying and violence. Washburn truly has the most pleasant and safest environment in our region.
  •   Washburn challenges our fully bilingual students academically and all students are able to expand knowledge and achieve our educational goals.
  •   We provide students with a setting where they can develop excellent communication and interpersonal skills which are essential for growth.
  •   We foster diversity and respect for an individual's physical, social, and emotional needs. We provide a great environment for students from different cultural, ethnic and social-economic backgrounds.
  •   Washburn focuses in creating leaders in an ever-changing world. Leadership requires curiosity, creativity, courage, and adherence to ethical standards.
  •   Washburn provides students with an impressive broad knowledge base, problem-solving strategies, and research skills which are all essential for success.
  •   Washburn has small classes. 
  •    Washburn hires highly qualified teachers.
  •   Washburn encourages and welcomes parental involvement. Parents truly feel like part of a family.