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Common Questions and Answers

Washburn School – A place of opportunity


Where are we located?

In the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico located in the southern region of Puerto Rico.

In recent years, Ponce has solidified its position as the second most important city of Puerto Rico based on its economic progress and increasing population of 164,000 people.


Why are we located here?

Unlike the metropolitan region of the island particularly San Juan, Puerto Rico; Ponce, Puerto Rico does not have many options in highly rigorous, internationally bench-marked quality education. The region has few alternatives for parents who want their children to have a full English immersion school that forms fully bilingual students while maintaining academic excellence with a specialized curriculum in Math, Language, and Science. Washburn meets these standards and understands that Ponce is a city with a vast potential of growth. 


What classes are taught in English ?

All the classes in Washburn School are taught in English except for our cultural based Puerto Rican History class, Spanish, and of course any foreign language such as French.


How many students does Washburn have?

230 students from Puerto Rico and all around the world, yet with over 39 staff members the student to faculty ratio is one of the best in Puerto Rico. Maintaining a small, tight knit, family, and personalized atmosphere is part of our vision and philosophy.


Are your teachers qualified?

Our philosophy is based on the principal that we hire qualified teachers, true experts at what they teach. All of our teachers have their certifications and licenses and most of our teachers are working on their masters and even doctoral degrees. Washburn departmentalizes classes starting in second grade. This guarantees that our teachers will be true experts with vast education in the subject they teach.

 Has Washburn's facilities grown since its start?

Yes! Washburn has continued to buy land and has recently released the designs for a 10 year construction plan that will massively transform our school facilities. Washburn's facilities include 2 new recently acquired land spaces that are being used for classrooms, offices, and school activities for our directors, college placement advisers, and business managers. We also celebrate sport tournaments, spelling bees, speeches, and activities for parents and family members. The building includes a fully equipped conference room. We also are growing a vegetable garden to create our sustainable agriculture and we have land for the growth of the Washburn's high school.


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