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Washburn’s Educational Philosophy

What is Washburn’s Educational Philosophy?

Washburn’s education philosophy starts by educating our fully bilingual students at an internationally competitive level with raised academic expectations, implemented through a rigorous curriculum that pushes students to reach their highest academic potential. Washburn prepares students to compete with their peers in highly performing educational systems in Puerto Rico and other countries. We are a college preparatory school, placing students at the center of the learning experience and passionately developing the next generation of leaders equipped with skills for life. Students are taught to be judicious risk-takers and creative problem solvers in a global society. Achievement of these goals will result in their becoming socially and ethically responsible adults. Our educational philosophy rests on three pillars to our success as a school. Washburn believes in a rigorous curriculum, in hiring effective and highly knowledgeable teachers, and encouraging student accountability while maintaining a highly supportive environment.


The three pillars to Washburn’s Philosophy:


Rigorous Curriculum

 Washburn School implements an internationally benchmarked and challenging curriculum in Puerto Rico.


Effective and highly knowledgeable Teachers

 Washburn recruits and hires fully qualified, effective, and knowledgeable staff. Our teachers are able to convey the most complex content and concepts to young students. Most of our teachers have or are working on a Master’s degree or extensive experience in the classes they are assigned. Our teachers are true experts at the subject they teach.


Student Accountability

 Students at Washburn should take full responsibility for their educational achievements, developing a true love for learning.


 What kind of students do we develop at Washburn School?

Complex Thinkers who:

  •  will be prepared to enter any four year college or university in Puerto Rico or around the world
  •   demonstrate abstract conceptual thinking in an ever complicated local Puerto Rican and global society
  •  demonstrate skills and concepts in a variety of problem solving situations
  •   develop an understanding of the symbolic language of mathematics and the sciences
  •  Remain current with developments in technology; Washburn is constantly infusing new technology in the learning process 

Collaborative Workers who:

  •   demonstrate self-directed study habits and individual student accountability part of Washburn's philosophy in creating life-long learners
  •  utilize research skills for future success
  •   contribute to a safe and positive environment

Effective Communicators who:

  • demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills
  • develop self-confidence, personal strengths and integrity
  • convey ideas through coherent and focused essays and speech in both English and Spanish
  • read and understand beyond grade-level appropriate material in English and Spanish
  • develop effective presentation and communication in the classroom
  • strive inter-personally and excel in professional competitive situations


Community Participants who:

  • make a positive contribution with others in Puerto Rico and our increasingly global community
  • function together in a multi-cultural society
  •   appreciate contributions of others
  •   respect all types diversity

  • acquire an appreciation of the music and arts