Summer Math Enrichment Workshops at Washburn

• Classes are offered in English by highly qualified professor finishing his Master's Degree in Pure Mathematics

• Includes one hour of Computer Science applications, 2 to 2.5 Hours of Math Skills, and 30 minutes to one hour of Games, Activities, and Exercise a day.

• Includes syllables, materials, and pre/post test
General review of the PSAT algebra requisites. They include but are not limited to: sets, linear expressions, linear equations, linear inequalities, algebraic simplification, quadratic equations, polynomial simplification, radical and rational equations, function concepts and in context interpretation of formulae.

• We are experimenting with peppermint aroma therapy; dance, brain and yoga breaks, subtle classical music 🎶 and sugar-free dark chocolate 🍫snacks while preparing 8th to 11th grade students in Basic and Advanced Math for their PSAT and SAT exams!

• Certificate at the end of the 60 hour workshop

​Professor: Gerardo Echevarría Martínez

Director : Ronnie Lopezcepero Llull
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