Washburn School Value of the Month for September - Responsibility -

Responsibility Graphic


Mr. B. Bermudez
  1. Mr Bermudez had students talk about striving for excellence in a live podcast recording and it also had a video that recorded his class in the Learning Center. He had three panelists talking and the rest of the students then asked some questions. The class ran like a live radio program while students integrated speech, debate skills, and conversational English. 
Mr. R. Lopezcepero
Mr. Lopezcepero had 7th to 12th grade for a week in English and he had them write about their goals, and aims as a way to strive for excellence. Students answered some questions such as :  
  1. If you could choose only one thing that you could do better, what would it be? Think and write for at least two minutes, then move on
  2. What would you like to learn more about, in the next six months? Two years? Five years? Think and write for at least two minutes, then move on.
    What habits would you like to improve? At school? At work? With friends and family? For your health?
  3. Friends and associates are an important part of a meaningful, productive life. Take a moment to consider your social network. Think about the friends you might want to have, and the connections you might want to make. It is perfectly reasonable to choose friends and associates who are good for you. Describe your ideal social life.
  4. Describe what your leisure life would be like, if it was set up to be genuinely productive and enjoyable.
  5. People you automatically admire have qualities that you would like to possess or imitate. Identifying those qualities can help you determine who it is that you want to be. Take a moment to think about the two or three people you most admire. Who are they? Which qualities do they possess that you wish you had?

Core Values

Washburn serves a diverse population and prepares students through an innovative and intensive program focused on engaging and enabling to be resilient, courageous, honest, respectful, empathetic, open-minded, citizens with a high sense of personal responsibility and integrity. Washburn students strive for excellence and academic, social, and emotional success as they actively embrace multilingualism.

Excellence – Strive for excellence.
Responsibility – Take on personal and academic responsibility.
Honesty – Live honestly and be precise and truthful in your speech.
Respect – Be respectful to yourself and others.
Empathy – Have empathy and compassion towards those around you.
Integrity – Exercise integrity and authenticity in everything you do.
Resilient – Be resilient in the face of rigor and challenges.
Courage – Dare to confront uncertainty and positive risks.
Open mind – Live with an open mind towards others and their differences.



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