January Value of the Month - Empathy

Washburn serves a diverse population and prepares students through an innovative and intensive program focused on engaging and enabling them to be resilient, courageous, honest, respectful, empathetic, open-minded, citizens with a high sense of personal responsibility and integrity. Washburn students strive for excellence and academic, social, and emotional success as they actively embrace multilingualism.



Excellence – Strive for excellence.

Responsibility – Take on personal and academic responsibility.

Honesty – Live honestly and be precise and truthful in your speech.

Respect – Be respectful to yourself and others.

Empathy – Have empathy and compassion towards those around you.

Integrity – Exercise integrity and authenticity in everything you do.

Resilient – Be resilient in the face of rigor and challenges.

Courage – Dare to confront uncertainty and positive risks.

Open mind – Live with an open mind towards others and their difference

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