Washburn School Students Shine at Middle School and 3rd & 4th Grade Spelling Bee during English Week

Last week was a buzzing time at Washburn School as students of all grades participated in the Middle School Spelling Bee for English Week. The event was a fun and competitive way to promote language proficiency, vocabulary, and spelling skills among the students. And, after a tough competition, the winners were finally announced.

Middle School Spelling Bee

Andrés Guzmán Figueroa emerged as the champion, securing the first place. Amaia González Ortiz and Emanuel Méndez Luciano secured the second and third place, respectively. All the participants were congratulated for their effort and hard work.


Elementary School (3rd and 4th Grade)

The Spelling Bee wasn't just limited to middle schoolers; third and fourth-grade students also had the chance to showcase their spelling skills in a separate competition. Justin Ortiz from the fourth-grade class emerged as the winner, with Valentina De Jesus coming in second place and Jacob Vives from the third-grade class securing the third place.

It was an incredible event to watch as the students confidently and bravely spelled words that would even stump most adults. The organizers of the event were amazed by the amount of talent and dedication demonstrated by the students.

The Spelling Bee event was a great opportunity for the students to showcase their skills and enhance their vocabulary. By participating in this competition, they learned new words, their correct spelling, and also gained confidence in their ability to spell tricky words.