Washburn School in Ponce, Puerto Rico Recognizes Top Students in Science and Math

Washburn School in Ponce, Puerto Rico, is proud to announce the recipients of this year's prestigious Einstein Math and Science Award. This distinguished honor is presented to the students with the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) in the fields of Math and Science, recognizing their exceptional achievements and commitment to academic excellence.

In the Elementary School category, Justin J. Ortiz Rosado emerges as an exemplary student. Justin's unwavering dedication to learning and remarkable performance in Math and Science have positioned him as a deserving recipient of this esteemed accolade. His passion and drive serve as an inspiration to his peers, and his accomplishments are a testament to his hard work and determination.


Taking the spotlight in the Middle School division is Alejandro Santiago Rauser. Alejandro's profound passion for Math and Science is evident in his outstanding GPA. His relentless pursuit of knowledge, coupled with a strong work ethic and insatiable intellectual curiosity, has propelled him to achieve remarkable success. Alejandro stands as a shining example of the extraordinary potential that lies within young minds.


Stepping into the spotlight at the High School level, Alejandro Negr贸n Calder贸n shines brightly with his exceptional performance in Math and Science. Alejandro's unwavering commitment to academic excellence has earned him this well-deserved recognition. His thirst for knowledge and his ability to apply critical thinking skills have solidified his position among the finest students in his field.


Lastly, Claudia Betancourt Ortiz garners recognition for her exceptional accomplishments in Math and Science. Claudia's consistent dedication to these subjects and her outstanding GPA showcase her brilliance and unwavering commitment to learning. Her achievements set a high standard for academic excellence and serve as a testament to her passion and innate talent.

The Einstein Math and Science Award not only honors these outstanding students but also underscores Washburn School's commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in STEM education. These exceptional individuals have demonstrated the highest levels of achievement in their respective fields, and their contributions serve as a testament to the school's dedication to providing a nurturing environment that encourages intellectual growth and academic success.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of Justin, Alejandro, Alejandro, and Claudia, we commend them for their unwavering commitment to academic excellence and their pursuit of knowledge. Their remarkable achievements not only bring pride to their families and the Washburn School community but also inspire future generations of students to reach for the stars and make their mark in the world of Math and Science.

Congratulations to these exceptional students on their well-deserved recognition and best wishes for their future endeavors. May their journey continue to be filled with passion, curiosity, and limitless possibilities as they continue to shape the world with their brilliance and innovation.