Remarkable Achievement: 19-Year-Old Washburn Alumna Graduates from University of Central Florida and will Advance to Law School

🎓 Washburn Pride: Alumna Nilany S. Velázquez Guadalupe Graduates from the University of Central Florida at 19 Years Old

Congratulations are in order for our alumna, Nilany S. Velázquez Guadalupe! At the young age of 19, she has graduated with a degree in Sociology and a Minor in Anthropology from the University of Central Florida. Nilany now sets her sights on a future in Law.

📚 English Education at Washburn: A Cornerstone of Her Success

The English education Nilany received at Washburn from an early age was crucial in her academic journey. This bilingual approach not only provided her with essential linguistic skills but also opened doors to international opportunities, enabling her to achieve her ambitions.

🙏 Message from Nilany's Mother

"Greetings, Washburn family,

Nilany S. Velázquez Guadalupe, who resides in Florida, will receive her Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a Minor in Anthropology from UCF at 19 years old, and then she plans to continue her studies in Law. We know that a part of her achievements today is due to the education she received at Washburn. We are extremely proud of her performance and the education she has received. Thank you and blessings."

🌟 Inspiring Future Generations

This story highlights the limitless potential of our students and the significant impact that a comprehensive and bilingual education at Washburn can have on their future. We are immensely proud of Nilany and eagerly anticipate her success in the field of law at such a young age.

We extend our congratulations to Nilany and her family for this impressive achievement. We look forward to sharing more success stories from our Washburn alumni!

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