Celebrating Abelardo Broche Ortiz: From Ponce, PR to Australia - Washburn School to the Global Stage

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Celebrating Abelardo Broche Ortiz: From Ponce, PR to Australia From Washburn School to the Global Stage

We are proud to share the inspiring journey of Abelardo Broche Ortiz, our distinguished graduate from the class of 2021. After 13 years at Washburn, Abelardo has taken his talent from Ponce to Australia, making his mark in the international field of Computer Science and Cybersecurity.

An Exceptional Achievement at WPI

In his third year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Massachusetts, Abelardo not only excels in his studies but has also received job offers in national cybersecurity during his second year, demonstrating the high demand for talents like him and other Washburn peers studying at this university in this critical field. Abelardo has been on the dean's list for his exceptional academic achievements during his early years at WPI.

Global Impact Through Research in Australia

Part of his outstanding experience at WPI included the development of a vital project in Australia: "Developing a Public Campaign for Rescue Teams". This project reflects our students' commitment to real solutions for global problems, applying their knowledge to make a difference before graduating.

Inspiration for Our Community

Abelardo's journey from Washburn School to international classrooms and beyond is a testament to what our students can achieve with dedication, passion, and the solid foundation that Washburn provides.