Washburn School Welcomes a New Member to Our Distinguished Team!

He also has additional graduate Chemistry credits as part of his professional development, a minor in Spanish, and a Master's in Education (M.Ed) in Curriculum and Instruction. This past year (2013-2014) Mr. Hubbell taught high school chemistry in Columbia, Tennessee. Overall he has over eight years of experience teaching High School chemistry in Columbia and Nashville Tennessee, translating K-12 Science and Social Studies texts from Spanish to English for a school text distributor, and also teaching at the university and high school level years ago here in Puerto Rico. 
We will be posting the profiles of our other distinguished educators that have been part of our team for the past years at Washburn in a teacher profile section in our website. 

As part of one of Washburn’s three pillars of it's philosophy we always distinguish ourselves in recruiting and and hiring fully qualified, effective, and knowledgeable staff. All our teachers are able to convey the most complex content and concepts to young students. Most of our teachers have or are working on a Master’s degree or extensive experience in the classes they are assigned. Our teachers are true experts at the subject they teach.

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