Best readers of the August to December 2014 semester

Mrs. Carmelita Torres

Hi parents,

A warm greeting and some news from our School Library. Once more I have to congratulate our students for their compromise of using the library and for their motivation in reading good books which they take home every week, this is really amazing and deserves a great applause!

I also want to announce the best readers of this semester who read and handed in their book reports. This will give them the opportunity of participating in a Pizza Party which will be held in January when the students return from the Christmas break.  The day will be announced.

Best readers of the August to December 2014 semester:

1st Grade
Jayden Ortiz                  
Pablo De Jesús
Jorge L. Ortiz
Claudia Betancourt
Génesis Gutiérrez
Esteban De Jesús

2nd grade                                                     
Camila S. Robles                            
Anneliese Báez  
Alannis Colón  
Neytan Rivas   
Alejandro Negrón  
3rd Grade    
Estefanía González
Eduardo Matos
Andrea Rodríguez
Taysha Sánchez
Fuad Munther
Alanna Santini 
Emanuel Alvarado

4th Grade
Amanda Negrón
Amy Borges
Karol Pagán

5th Grade
Monique Díaz  
Lara Caraballo
Valeria Hernández  
Naomi Velázquez
Stefanía Borges  
Yeral Rodríguez
Claudia Toro
Abigail López

6th Grade
Oscar  Santiago
Nizar Munther
Alejandra Gómez
Gil Meléndez

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