Washburn Students Who Decide to Stay in Puerto Rico for College Look into University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez and their Top Ranked STEM Programs

Accepted to colleges in the United States, but opting to stay in Puerto Rico for bachelor's degree studies ?

According to the College Board the average cost of tuition out-of-state tuition at public four year universities in the United States is $32,554 a year and for a private four year institution is $42,419 without counting for living and other expenses. Given the exaggerated costs of college education in the United States and the fact that Puerto Rico has equally qualified universities with the same accreditations across almost all fields with a substantially lower tuition rate due to heavy public financing such as the University of Puerto Rico (avg. $55 per credit hour/$1988 a year) many students that are accepted in elite U.S higher education institutions are opting to stay in Puerto Rico for their undergrad studies.

Nevertheless, Washburn School is preparing highly qualified students that are eligible for U.S academic/athletic scholarships, and/or will be fully prepared to continue graduate school ( Master's Degree/Ph.D) and professional degrees ( medical school, law school, etc.) in the United States. Washburn Baseball Academy is also preparing eligible highly qualified bilingual students that will be able to go to U.S higher education institutions with yearly based NCAA athletic scholarships.
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