Washburn College Board Results for October 2016

Washburn School outperformed all public and private schools in College Board Math Achievement, Math Aptitude, English, and Spanish. This is why we are one of the best college preparatory schools in Puerto Rico. 

We averaged more than 100 points in the Math Achievement section compared to all other private school students on the island ( 143 points over public schools). Being one of the few total English immersion schools in Southern Puerto Rico we are proud to excel in the English section as shown below. We are also excited to see that we had better scores in Spanish than all private/public schools in Puerto Rico that teach all their subjects in Spanish. Many parents worry about how an English curriculum may hinder their children in Spanish, yet we have proven over many years of results that the multilingual philosophy works! 

We continue to show why Washburn's unique philosophy is leading us to become an academic powerhouse! Measuring the quality of learning and education is very difficult, yet the college board is one of the most important assessments for college access in Puerto Rico.

We will be sharing the SAT results in a few weeks.

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