Students of the month of January 2018 Activity

The students will be recognized on: 
Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 at 8:30 AM
Washburn Community Center
Parents can take pictures and bring a present to their child.
 Students of the month - January 2018




Lia V. Cruz Piazza


Derek G. González Reyes

1st Grade

Ethan Galarza

2nd Grade

Andree G. Rodríguez Soto

3rd Grade

Héctor Y. Rodríguez Soto

4th Grade

Jorianix Muñiz Renta

5th Grade

Marwa Rasheed

6th Grade

Grace Pagán Sobhan

7th Grade

Virgil E. Rightenburg

8th Grade

Yeral Rodríguez López

9th Grade

Alondra Rodríguez Torres

10th Grade

Damian Rodríguez

11th Grade

Paola López Dominguez

12th Grade

Paola Morales Escalera

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