Washburn School Reinforces Writing Across the Curriculum

• Every human skill gets better with constant, repetitive practice. In our case, we will small changes in our classroom routine and we will organize brief writing sessions each and every day. Students will write a various amount of words, sentences, and paragraphs on a specific subject every day depending on their grade level. It may a bit painful for them at first, but the more they write, the better their writing will get. These brief writing sessions, combined with their balanced home assignments and exams, will assure you that their writing is always practiced. In this way, they will find it much easier to pull off better words, ideas, and content. Another good thing we will do is to diversify the writing topics and genres. For example, during one class students may write a non-fiction piece of content. During another class, they can put their imaginations to work and do some brief novel sample writing.

• Teachers and administrators are advised to use their expertise to provide good feedback when it comes to improving writing skills— feedback plays a huge role during the process. Our role at Washburn, besides she teaching and educating, is to offer our students quality feedback in their path towards excellence. Our feedback will contain specific tips and corrections for each and every student separately. This way we will continue to prove to them that we really care about them, and they will know where they’ve specifically gone wrong.


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