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Culture Club at Washburn School


Multicultural knowledge must be a part of a complete educational experience. This club embraces and promotes the importance of respect, appreciation, and acceptance of the diverse countries and cultures that make up our global community.

Acknowledging that they are citizens of the world, students will be encouraged to be passionate about exploring and celebrating art, music, customs, food and the unique beauty of each culture, thus having an international experience right from our home school!

What the club seeks:

-Foster global awareness and understanding of other cultures

-Learn the importance of respect, acceptance and appreciation of diverse cultures

-Learn basic words and expressions from other cultures (Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, etc. Students will also practice their French language skills acquired in school)

-Promote a desire for self-learning about other countries/cultures

Suggested activities/events:

>Take a walk down the streets of major cities in the world with the aid of Google Maps (integrating the Learning Center)

  • Bring cultural entertainment: music, games, recipes, crafts, photos, videos, etc.
  • Customs and holidays
  • Cultural exhibit
  • Plan and conduct food fundraisers

Final activity: “The Culture Club Pavillions” (members of the club will dress according to the country/culture selected or assigned. Each Pavillion will feature food from the country, information, music, etc). The leader of the club will contact possible sponsors to help with the activity,  provided the leader has the authorization from the school.