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Mindfulness Club




1st Grade       

         Welcome to our first club. Mindful Kids Club; is a newly emerging discipline in K-12 education. Our objectives are to enhance attention, promotes pro-social behavior and general well-being will improving our learning strategies.

         Recent studies demonstrate that mindfulness program across the K-12 age spectrum promotes the ability to pay attention with kindness and curiosity. It teaches students how to pay attention and enhance both academics, and social-emotional learning.


  • Members: 1st grade students and teacher.


  • Mission: To practice meditation and mindfulness in a comfortable and safe space. Promote healthy ways of thinking, living, and being.


    During each meeting of the Mindful Kids Club; we will meditate, practice our breathing, learn to solve problems while managing our emotion, improve our tolerance, respect ourselves  and other, learn the importance of empathy, and practice different crafts and ideas to manage anxiety and stress.


    We will be developing skills that help participants respond better during the challenges of daily living, rather than reacting out of the usual habit patterns, likes, aversions, emotions, or train of thoughts.


  • How it works?

The club provides a quiet, calm and comfortable space. This space has different tools and manipulatives to help students throughout their semester.


Mindfulness, when applied appropriately, includes the qualities of;

  • Awareness (paying attention to one’s experience through the senses and the mind).


  • Non-judgment (not labeling things “good” or “bad” but rather observing with a neutral attitude).


  • Stillness in heart and mind (though the body may be moving).


Mindfulness should not be used as a disciplinary tool, and can’t be demand or obligatory to students with certain behavior. It includes the quality of acceptance. Meditation is voluntary. The space and club provides multiple options and activities such as drawing or sustained silent reading in a safe and quiet environment while participating.


  • Benefits in our Club:
  1. Feeling more focused and less stressed
  2. Athletic performance
  3. Academic achievement
  4. Creative expression
  5. Emotional regulation, handle stress and resolve conflict. 
  6. Impulse control


  • Materials:
  1. Safe and comfortable space inside the class.
  2. Open nature space with yoga mats or bed sheets.
  3. Aromatherapy, soft music and soft light depending on the focus of the day. (Decrease activity level while promoting the use of our primary senses.)
  4. Craft materials and manipulatives. (Promote fine or gross motor skill.)
  5. Body cream and deep massages on arms to apply proprioceptive stimulation. (Improve attention.)