5th Grade Science

Ms. Monica Trickett
Elementary School

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5th Grade Class 4/22/19

This afternoon, we read pages 294-295 about the Missouri River. Then, we began working on our group STEM activities that we will continue on Wednesday. 


Reminder: The last partial exam is tomorrow!

5th Grade Class 4/10/19

This afternoon, we reviewed weathering, then we read pages 286-288 about erosion and deposition. We also spent class time reviewing earthquakes and tsunamis with a video. 

5th Grade Class 4/3/19

This afternoon, we read page 266 about how volcanic islands are formed. The students were to use the remainder of class time to complete the foldable and questions 1, 3-6 of the lesson review on page 267. Anything that was not finished in class, should be finished at home. I will be checking this for points tomorrow. 

5th Grade Class 3/27/19

This afternoon, we reviewed the maps and layers of the Earth from yesterday. We began discussing how the Earth's crust can move. We read pages 252 and 253 and watched a video to see the visuals. We took notes on these pages. 

5th Grade Science Exam 7 Review 3/26/19

This is the review for Exam 7 which will be on April 23rd. Because I am posting this several weeks in advance, we will not be dedicating time in class to COMPLETE the review. Students should work on completing the review little by little at home. I will be posting the answers next week. During the week of April 8-12, we will dedicate a day to answer questions about the review and play a review game. 

5th Grade Class 3/26/19

This afternoon, we reviewed the ocean features that we covered yesterday. Then, we read pages 244-246. We focused on types of maps and how they are used. In addition, we talked about the layers of the Earth. We discussed the quick check questions on these pages, and finally, we verbally completed the lesson review on page 247. 

5th Grade Class 3/25/19

This afternoon, we read about ocean features on pages 242 and 243. We discussed the quick check questions and then took notes on these pages. Students that did not finish their landform notes and illustrations worked on those as well. 

5th Grade Class 3/18/19

This afternoon, I answered any questions for tomorrow's test and we discussed the exam in April. Then, we read page 239 about diamonds to introduce our next lesson. Students wrote about what they would do if they found diamonds.