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5th Grade Class 2/21/19

This afternoon for our reading and writing day we focused on food chains and poetry. We discussed elements of a poem and I read the book Pass the Energy Please! to the class. After reading, we talked about each food chain was a different length because it was a different amount of links long. Each different poem in the book had 4 lines per stanza. Each students began writing their own poem. First, they needed to decide how many link (organisms in the food chain) they want their poem to have. Then, they need to choose which organisms will be in the chain. Each student's poem should be at least one stanza (containing four lines) long. The first two lines of each stanza should rhyme and the last two lines of each stanza should rhyme. Here is MY example of the first stanza: 
The sun is the giver of all energy. 
"Give the energy to me!" screams the tree. 
The tree uses the energy to make his meal, 
but little does he know how his future will feel.
The rough draft of the poem is due in the notebook next Wednesday. 

5th Grade Class 2/19/19

We began class with a video on mimicry. Then, we read page 174 and discussed examples of mimicry. Students began working on the review foldable on page 175. This assignment is due Friday. They SHOULD NOT work on it for homework tonight because they have a test tomorrow. 

5th Grade Class 2/13/19

Yesterday in class, we reviewed structural and behavioral adaptations. Then, we read pages 170-171 and discussed different plant adapatations. 

5th Grade Class 2/12/19

This afternoon, we did an activity to see what the  students already know about adaptations. Then, we sorted their examples into two groups: structural and behavioral. This was a great introduction to our lesson. We read pages 168-169 and then took notes. 

Important: Test date change!

Due to English week activities on Tuesday, February 19th, the science exam is moved to Wednesday, February 20th. 

5th Grade Class 2/11/19

This afternoon, the students used the class time to complete a handout for points. 

5th Grade Class 2/8/19

This afternoon, the students used the class time to complete their Exam 5 Review. This was the last day in class that will be spent on the review. 

5th Grade Class 2/6/19

This afternoon, we reviewed symbiotic relationships. We watching three videos. One video for mutualism, one for commensalism, and one for parasitism. The students drew an example and wrote an explanation of each. 
*Exam 5 on Chapter 3 Lesson 2 will be on February 19th. 

5th Grade Class 1/25/19

This afternoon, I collected the homework from last night. Then, we read pages 156-157 about competition, limiting factors, and carrying capacity. To demonstrate these concepts we completed the quicklab activity on page 157.