5th Grade Science

Ms. Monica Trickett
Elementary School
2018-2019 Academic Year

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5th Grade Class 4/22/19

This afternoon, we read pages 294-295 about the Missouri River. Then, we began working on our group STEM activities that we will continue on Wednesday. 


Reminder: The last partial exam is tomorrow!

5th Grade Class 4/10/19

This afternoon, we reviewed weathering, then we read pages 286-288 about erosion and deposition. We also spent class time reviewing earthquakes and tsunamis with a video. 

5th Grade Class 4/3/19

This afternoon, we read page 266 about how volcanic islands are formed. The students were to use the remainder of class time to complete the foldable and questions 1, 3-6 of the lesson review on page 267. Anything that was not finished in class, should be finished at home. I will be checking this for points tomorrow. 

5th Grade Class 3/27/19

This afternoon, we reviewed the maps and layers of the Earth from yesterday. We began discussing how the Earth's crust can move. We read pages 252 and 253 and watched a video to see the visuals. We took notes on these pages. 

5th Grade Science Exam 7 Review 3/26/19

This is the review for Exam 7 which will be on April 23rd. Because I am posting this several weeks in advance, we will not be dedicating time in class to COMPLETE the review. Students should work on completing the review little by little at home. I will be posting the answers next week. During the week of April 8-12, we will dedicate a day to answer questions about the review and play a review game.