6th Grade Science

Ms. Monica Trickett
Elementary School
2018-2019 Academic Year

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6th Grade Class 5/8/19

This morning, students worked on completing the review and their review Bingo card that they need to have completed for Friday. Tomorrow they will need a device to play Kahoot. 

6th Grade Class 4/22/19

This morning, the students began brainstorming and planning for their STEM project on force and motion. 
Reminder: The last partial exam is tomorrow. 
For Wednesday: Each student should bring a white t-shirt, at least three rubber bands, and a medium/large garbage bag. 
Thursday: Field Day- Students should dress in golf attire for the parade. After the parade, they will change into their activewear. Students that purchased the field day shirt should wear that. Students that did not purchase the t-shirt MUST wear their physical education uniform. 

6th Grade Class 4/11 and 4/12

Yesterday, we wrote notes for pages 290-292. We continued to watch the video about earthquakes. This morning, we played a review game to prepare for exam 7, which is on Tuesday, April 23rd. Please see previous posts to access the reviews if you have not already done so. 

6th Grade Class 4/8/19

This morning, we read pages 280-281 about earthquakes. We discussed the "write about it" activity and then continued with our video on the world's worst disasters. 

6th Grade Class 4/4/19

This morning, we watched a documentary about the top 10 worst natural disasters. The Exam 7 review answers were posted on my page last night. Students should check their work with that document. 

6th Grade Class 4/3/19

This morning, we watched videos on earthquakes and tsunamis and then read pages 274 and 275.