6th Grade Science

Ms. Monica Trickett
Elementary School

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6th Grade Class 2/22/19

This morning, we read page 166 about genetically modified crops. The students reviewed the lesson by creating a foldable. I checked their homework from last night. All exam 5 grades were uploaded and were written in the back of each student's notebook yesterday.

6th Grade Class 2/21/19

This morning, we began class with a grammar lesson. Then, we talked about the strategy of summarizing. I read several chapters from our read aloud: The Wild Robot. The students need to complete a one paragraph (at least) summary of the portion read today. This is due tomorrow.

6th Grade Class 2/19/19

This morning, I collected the homework and then we discussed genetic engineering by reading pages 164-165. We examined the gene splicing diagram and students copied it in their notebook. 

6th Grade Class 2/14/19

This morning, we discussed the aspects of persuasive writing. Then, we read and discussed the persuasive passage on page 158 about overusing antibiotics. The students are to complete the "write about it" activity for homework on lined paper. This is due Tuesday, February 19th. 

6th Grade Class 2/13/19

This morning, we did the math in science activity on page 159. This was a great review of pedigree and great practice with fractions and percents. Data analysis! :)

Important: Test date change!

Due to English week activities on Tuesday, February 19th, the science exam is moved to Wednesday, February 20th. 

6th Grade Class 2/11/19

This morning, students used class time to finish working on the exam 5 review. 
*Exam 5 is on Tuesday, February 19th. 

6th Grade Class 2/8/19

This morning, we discussed genetic disorders and read page 156. Then, students used the rest of class time to begin copying the Exam 5 review. We will use Monday's class time to complete it (THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK). The exam is on Tuesday, February 19th. 

6th Grade Class 2/7/19

This morning, we read about sex linked traits on page 153 and the pedigrees and carriers on pages 154 and 155. After showing an example, the students made their own pedigrees in their notebooks. 

6th Grade Class 2/6/19

This morning, we began out class read aloud, The Wild Robot. This is part of our reading and writing in science. We discussed how this book relates to topics we have learned and we also discussed character traits. We talked about the physical and affective traits of the main character. 
*Exam 5 will be February 19th.

6th Grade Class 1/28/19

This morning, the students worked on their in-class Punnett square monster project. We will continue with this tomorrow in class.